Job advertisements in the field of space in Luxembourg

You will find on this page job offers related to the aerospace industry, such as [engineers], [mechatronics]… 

Aerospace is a combination of two areas ; on the one hand, the aviation industry and on the other hand, the space industry. Aeronautics concerns everything related to the manufacturing and operating of objects that allow movement in the atmosphere (planes, helicopters, drones, etc.). While space concerns everything related to space and cosmos: satellites, rockets, onboard systems, etc.

The jobs offered in this field are specific and require technical skills. For example, recruiters in Luxembourg are looking for electrical engineers, aeronautical maintenance engineers, [project engineers], aeronautical or space structural engineers or engineers in the [R&D sector (research and development)] in aeronautics.
If you want to be considered for a job position in this industry, the higher level of education you possess, the better. In general, recruiters expect you to have at least a [Master’s degree]. To obtain your diploma, you may enroll at the University or attend engineering schools, generalist with an option: Polytechnique, EEIGM - école européenne d'ingénieurs des matériaux de Lorraine, Mines-ParisTech, to specific ones such as ENAC, IPSA, ENSMA, ESTACA, Ecole de l'air, ENSIL, ENSMM, INSA, and others.
In the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the spatial ecosystem is booming and offers many possibilities in terms of employment. By participating in our job events or browsing our website, you will find the main Luxembourgish employers such as LSA (Luxembourg Space Agency), SES (Société européenne des satellites) or ESA (European Space Agency).
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