Job advertisements in the field of real estate in Luxembourg

This page contains job advertisements available in the Luxembourgian Real Estate sector such as Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Lawyer.

Are you looking for a professional opportunity in the Real Estate business sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? We gather for you the best job offers of this category on this page. Discover them now and submit your application.

This business sector includes different types of areas – such as housing for individuals, stores or offices, but also land for industry or even agriculture sector.
As housing is a basic necessity of life, companies specialized in the Real Estate sector are regularly recruiting for professionals. You benefit from a quite dynamic recruitment market in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Your potential future employer will ask for your help for different missions and you will be required to work in several professional environments but mainly real estate agency.

A wide range of different positions are therefore available in the Real Estate business sector as it is a sector that is recruiting on a regular basis. Indeed, you can apply for several job offers – such as Real Estate Lawyer, Promoter, Real Estate Expert, Real Estate Asset Manager or Co-op board. If you submit your application – CV and cover letter – to a job offer as a Real Estate Agent, your recruiter may ask you to carry out some missions as selecting properties and proposing them to a client – according to their needs – visiting them, negotiating and following up a file until the final transaction. In addition, you may also be required to estimate the value of a property (house, building, land, etc.).

When you work in the Real Estate business sector, you will give some advice, diagnostic and support customers. Depending on the job advertisement, your potential future employer will give you certain assignments that are listed in the ad. You will thus have to adapt to the customers’ needs: renting an apartment, building a property, buying a house, etc.
We advise you thus to adapt your CV as well as your cover letter to the job offer you are interested in – according to the prerequisites and needs of the recruiter.