Job advertisements for real estate agent in Luxembourg

Are you looking for an opportunity as a real estate agent (employee or freelance)? Here are the job offers available in Luxembourg. Apply now!

The job of real estate agent is booming in Luxembourg for few years now. With an ever-growing population and urban development of the municipalities, this business sector is constantly searching for Real Estate professionals. You will find that job offers are however limited – as you will see during your job search. We recommend you check the job offers available on our website. To complete your job search, you can see offers on sites of Real Estate agencies in Luxembourg.

Some of your daily assignments are to support lessors, owners, future tenants, or buyers in the record of sale, procurement case, or rental of property goods or housing. The principal assignment of your job as a real estate agent will be to prospect – regarding both property and potential buyers – within a real estate agency or as self-employed. You will evaluate the project, negotiate the selling price, and work on the visibility of the ad when you are mandated by the seller. You will also manage the purchase or rental requests, make appointments, and carry out survey visits. The objective is to sign the sales agreement.
On our website, you can find job offers for well-known agencies, but not only… Private companies’ recruiters are also aiming to develop their real estate project.

Professional experience is not always a prerequisite to work as a real estate agent. Recruitment is generally also open to beginners. You can apply for this job in Luxembourg with a HND or equivalent diploma. The Work-study contract is also seen as a significant first professional experience – that you should highlight in your application, as real estate agent can be learned on the job.
There are many profiles, but recruiters struggle to find potential candidates. It is a very challenging job, which requires strong interpersonal skills and sense of negotiation. The working hours amplitude can be flexible and irregular. But it depends on your organizational skills above all. Finally, this job has several inseparable dimensions that make the recruitment more complicated – namely sales, negotiation, and financial advisory, for instance.

Are you interested in this position? Check the job offers available on our website and submit your application now.

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