Job advertisements on freelance, franchise in Luxembourg

This page is dedicated to job offers for freelance professionals, looking for freelance or franchise contracts in Luxembourg.

General context for freelance status in Luxembourg - definition and license

If you are independent, you must know the status is quite widespread in Luxembourg, especially for craft jobs. However, we also find independent consultants in IT, in the field of finance, marketing, education and training...The work contract is concluded between the freelancer and the client, namely companies or associations. If you are working as part of a franchise contract, then the work contract is concluded between you (the franchisee) and the franchisor (the brand or concept).

In Luxembourg, you must validate several steps to work as a self-employed worker, you must be able to present an authorization of establishment from the Ministry of Economy, be registered in the Commercial Register, be affiliated to the Luxembourgish social security - CCSS (Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale) and be registered in the Administration de l’Enregistrement et des Domaines to get a VAT number.
Regarding the franchise contract, in one hand you can start working as a franchisee if you have a capital to invest and want to develop with the help of the franchisor. You benefit from a know-how, and the brand visibility and supplier network. In the second hand, you must give between 2 and 10% of the business turnover. Before deciding to go as an entrepreneur, please inquire about your rights and obligations, the advantages and disadvantages, depending on the contract you want to opt.

Who are the employers in Luxembourg?

Freelancers are often required from IT services companies. Also, the work form has now become popular among IT professionals, young graduates included. This status allows them to choose their own missions and to work from distance in remote. Salaries are higher and this may mainly explain their wants to work as independents. You may find job offers for freelance profiles mostly in specialized area like business intelligence, or IT development projects.
In the meantime, franchise contract is often offered in industries such as real estate or in trade or retail. Indeed, recruiters benefit from a powerful business network and a popular brand image that enable anyone to make a sell point dynamic. In general, this status does not generate many applications, but it has a great potential in Luxembourg. If you are ready to take up the challenge, then do not hesitate to apply now.

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