Job advertisements in the field of transportation & logistics in Luxembourg

Do you want to work in the Transportation and Logistics business sector? The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has the job offers you are looking for.

Logistics is the material flow management – such as transportation, handling, storage and data management, from forecasting the needs to delivering the final product. Luxembourg knew how to play the game well – in this globalizing world economy – by establishing itself year after year as a global player in the logistics of value-added goods, and as an essential multimodal platform – like in Bettembourg – particularly for bordering countries. There are a wide range of jobs and professional opportunities available and recruitment is considerable.

The positions available in the warehouses are production worker, forklift operator, warehouse operative and order picker. The forklift operator is responsible for loading and unloading pallets of goods or packages from trucks and then placing them in storage mostly in racks. The employer makes sure that the forklift operator has a specific license for driving forklift trucks – such as the Safe Driving Fitness Certificate (CACES in French) available in 5 skill levels – for this job.

Everything is orchestrated upstream by one or more customer services who manage sales forecasts and sales. There are also job advertisements as production planner – often called "planner" – or raw material supplier when the warehouse is coupled to a manufacturing industry.
Transportation jobs are varied – such as on the road or on the rail, in the air or on the water. With essential companies for package delivery in this context of full explosion of the e-commerce – such as POST Luxembourg – or for air transportation – such as Luxair Group – or for rail transportation – such as CFL. The most sought-after job – highly prized by men – is driver. This job has different designations and specialties – such as truck driver, delivery driver, heavy good vehicle driver (HGV) or even bus driver.

So, are you interested in a job from the Transportation and Logistics business sector? Recruiters are waiting for your application.