Job advertisements for storekeeper, warehouse operative in Luxembourg

On this page you will find all job offers for the role of storekeeper, or forklift operator in the field Transportation / Logistics in Luxembourg.

Many job ads are published every day by companies looking for storekeepers, warehouse operatives or forklift operators in Luxembourg. Consult them now on If you want to work in transportation and logistics as part of a permanent contract, or fixed-term or temporary, you will have to demonstrate a great deal of competences and techniques.

To become a forklift operator in Luxembourg, you must be able to manage stocks (this implies storage and movement of products). In other words, you are aware of the full cycle of distribution system from the reception, to the delivery.

Assigned tasks for storekeeper and forklift drivers are quite similar, this is the reason why you will sometimes find job ad entitled ""storekeeper/forklift operator"". Your main job consists in driving forklift, to prepare orders and manage its logistic. You will then be required to possess driving license: you will notice that employers mainly require the French licenses - CACES, 1, 3 and 5 (or equivalent).
Apart from specific driver's license, people willing to work as a warehouse operative will often need to present a degree in logistics (technical certificate or tech level or vocational training as a warehouse operative, or picker/packer...Recruiters are expecting you to be rigorous, to have a keen sense of organisation and reactivity and communicative.

The recruitment market for these jobs are very dynamic. Employers are often leading hiring campaigns in order to cope with high turnover. When sending your application for this role, do not forget to get information about the hiring company and pay attention to the required/ expected skills.