Job advertisements for driver in Luxembourg

Are you a driver? Here is a list of job offers and recruitment in the transport and logistics industry, a sector which is recruiting in Luxembourg!

The job of driver is highly represented in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, so there are many job advertisements available on the job market. Employers operate in different business sectors, including transport and logistics, and distribution. Temporary work is the principal vector of employment, which is why you will find a wide range of job advertisements offered by these placement agencies.

As a driver, you carry out transport services for private customer and passenger, or for companies (goods transportation). In the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, there is an increasing demand for professionals specialized in construction machinery and road transport driving. In certain cases, such as the area of trade, your job will also consist in taking care of the truck loading and unloading and performing handling operations.

Depending on your driving trainings and your experience, some recruiters may ask you to work for construction or large retailers’ companies. You can also be hired in the private sector as a chauffeur or on behalf of the European institutions as an embassy chauffeur. Do not hesitate to adapt your applications, depending on whether you wish to transport people, as a chauffeur or goods, as a delivery driver.

Among the list of job advertisements available on Moovijob, you will mainly find offers for jobs as a delivery driver or truck driver for the construction industry.
In your search you may find equivalent terms such as: taxi driver, private driver or company chauffeur. In order to work as a driver, employers require qualities and competences such as: flexibility, interpersonal skills and courtesy, organizational skills, time management, and knowledge in geography. On the road all day long, you must also have a good command of the traffic regulations as well as the safety rules.

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