Job advertisements for truck driver in Luxembourg

Discover without any further delay the job offers to be a delivery driver and driver in Luxembourg in our Transportation & Logistics category!

The transportation and logistics sector is massively recruiting in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. As a delivery driver, you are essential to the smooth running of each company but also of the country in general. The recruitment market for your job is therefore quite wide. Do you want to be recruited as a delivery driver? You can discover on this page different job advertisements available now and posted by companies looking for delivery drivers.

Your potential future employer will give you several assignments – such as charging packages into the vehicle lent by the company, ensuring the delivery of those packages, and following routes to drop them off to the client, among other missions. In order to work as a delivery driver, the recruiter will expect you to have several qualities and skills – such as a good knowledge of the highway code, a sense of interpersonal skills, stress resistance and also certain sense of organization. For this position, you will also need to have a good physical ability since you will be required to carry all types of packages.

The basis for the delivery driver position is to have a valid driver’s license ( for light vehicles). Your employer will provide you with a two-wheeled vehicle or a vehicle weighing less than 3.5 tons – it is also the same for the dispatch riders – depending on the company that will recruit you. We advise you to follow some transport training courses – which are highly appreciated and recommended in this sector – such as a training in driving and services in road transport or another professional title of driver. This will give you a real advantage in order to access this sought-after position.

Whether you are looking for a job as a driver, delivery driver, truck driver or bus driver, you can submit your application – cover letter and resume – to the job advertisement or advertisements in Luxembourg that you are interested in on our Moovijob website. We advise you to adapt your application to the specific requirements of each recruiter at best.