Job advertisements for bus driver in Luxembourg

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The job of bus driver – also known as bus conductor by some employers – is a job that has several requirements. You will have to acquire a bus license – which corresponds to “licence D” in French – and to register for the FIMO training – Formation Initiale Minimum Obligatoire in French – in order to be able to drive passengers or goods. This training is indeed necessary if you want to transport more than eight passengers.

As a bus driver, you will be responsible for driving passengers from one place to another in complete safety, thanks to a bus. You must observe the traffic rules and follow a route while respecting the best of the schedule. You should also know that bus drivers' schedules are one of the disadvantages of your job – namely staggered working hours – in addition to the risk of aggression, whether verbal or physical. Despite this, we can see that more and more women are becoming bus drivers.
The greatest Luxembourg recruiters bus drivers are communities, municipalities, or private companies. Most job offers available on our website are posted by Luxembourg private companies – such as CFL, Emile Weber, Sales-Lentz, for instance. Please note that there are more jobs as drivers than bus drivers in the Transportation & Logistics business sector. The recruitment needs of companies are more oriented towards the occupations of delivery driver or even truck driver.

It is easy for a Luxembourg recruiter to receive applications from bus drivers today because every person – from the European Union – with a “licence D” and a FIMO training can send his/her application. The only barrier remains the spoken languages. The candidate must be able to communicate in French, English but also in Luxembourgish in order to be able to inform every passenger.
The greatest advantage of working in Luxembourg as a bus driver is the salary. It is much more advantageous than in the bordering countries – such as France and Belgium. The initial salary is around 3,000 euros gross at the beginning of your career.