Job advertisements proven experience (5 years and more) in Luxembourg

Discover on this page several different job offers for senior profiles in Luxembourg such as legal advisor or accountant, for instance.

You have at least 5 years of professional experience in a specific field and you are ready to meet a new challenge today? We have gathered for you the several different job and recruitment advertisements adapted to your profile in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on our Moovijob site.

Most of the time, recruiters will be ready to offer you a permanent contract – a contract for an indefinite period of time – since you have a certain professional experience that justifies your proven experience profile. As a qualified, trustworthy and responsible professional, recruiters are therefore ready to trust you.
As a qualified professional with an extensive professional experience in a particular business sector, you will be able to choose between several job offers from different companies in Luxembourg.

Your potential future employer may ask for your help and know-how in order to take position of a Senior Project Manager, a Legal Advisor or a Senior Accountant among other jobs. The recruiter may offer you a position of a Senior Security Officer, Risk Manager or Advertising Manager – depending on the field you are specialized in. In the Building Construction business sector, companies are looking for Painters or Construction site supervisor with a certain professional experience developed in this business sector on a regular basis.

To work as a proven experience profile – minimum 5 years of professional experience in a specified business sector – we advise you to synthesize your professional background and expertise in a CV thematized by skills. You can also have more or less high salary expectations adapted to your diplomas, qualifications, professional experience and also your business sector.
Are you looking for a position of responsibility in Luxembourg such as Senior Manager? Do not hesitate to consult the several different job advertisements available on our Moovijob website and submit your application for the offers that you like and are adapted to your professional needs.