Job advertisements in the field of quality, health, safety and environment in Luxembourg

If you are looking for a job in Quality, Hygiene, Security & Environment, then we might have job offers from Luxemburgish companies for you!

Job vacancies in Quality, Hygiene, Security & Environment have appeared in the early 80s. New concerns in terms of norms, local and European regulations have increased job offerings for QSE Engineers, QS Engineers or HS Engineers in Luxembourg.

A quality manager or quality engineer, or quality officer, or quality coordinator makes sure the company's activities comply with the regulatory and quality standards. The professional carries out audits, and suggest ways of improving production processes, procedures, quality of products...You can also perform regular check on the work realised by production operatives.

In Luxembourg, companies are more and more concerned by employee’s well-being, it includes health and security matters. The recruitment market is very dynamic, and this had led to the creation of new job as occupational health and safety manager, whose job consists in preventing work-related accidents and illnesses. We may also think of the security of goods and buildings, with the installation of fire protection systems such as sprinkler systems for example or the installation of alarm systems.

Finally, security officers are very wanted in specialised companies such as Securitas or Brinks. You do not need to look like a rugby man to improve your chance of finding job. A recruiter will more likely hire you if you are flexible, in terms of working hours, and fluent in several foreign languages - especially for airport security jobs.

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