Job advertisements experienced (2-5 years) in Luxembourg

You have 2-5 years of professional experience? Many job offers for mid-level profiles are available in Luxembourg!

Like other European countries, Luxembourg's active population is ageing. In the first hand, companies are hiring future graduates or junior profiles, with no or limited experience, to cope with their recruitment needs. In the second hand, they also need medior profiles in some business fields. Half of the available positions advertised on Moovijob are for intermediate candidates.

Between 2 and 5 years of experience in Luxembourg

Job offers for intermediate profiles are mainly in sectors such as industry and production, building and engineering design firms. Employers are also looking for medior profiles, ready to take up new challenge in information technology, the financial services, support roles like in procurement & supply chain, human resources, sales, marketing, and administration. The legal sector is also represented but to a small extent. You are expected to be fully competent for your job and will be handling more and more tasks with responsibilities. This is an intermediate level, that enable you to progress in management positions, such as team leader or manager, after 5 years.

Very popular among recruiting firm

Recruiters from employment or headhunting agencies are particularly interested in candidates with a significant experience. Candidates are generally at a career milestone between their entry-level experience and proven experience. They are more likely open for a career change. As a candidate, do not neglect help from recruiting firms in your job search strategy. You can count on them.

Examples of jobs with experience

Job offers for mid-level profiles are available in all business sectors. Here is a list of the most jobs represented on Moovijob: engineers in the building and construction industry, accountants, IT developers, maintenance engineers or technicians, finishing works jobs, etc. Do not hesitate to browse job ads through this page to get the full list.