Job advertisements in Luxembourg-City

Looking for a job in Luxembourg City? Whether it is in the Sales, Banking, Building Construction or IT business sector, many jobs are represented.

Do you like the idea of working in Luxembourg City, the capital of Luxembourg? With around 120,000 inhabitants, "d'Stad" is the greatest city in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Discover without any further delay the hundreds of job advertisements available on our Moovijob website!
The recruitment market is especially abundant in Luxembourg City – indeed, there are several companies from many different business sectors. This city is composed of 24 different districts – each one with its own particularities as well as the type of business sector the most represented by the companies located there.

You will very likely find a job offer that meets your needs on the Kirchberg plateau – depending on your professional qualifications and area. This district specialized into business (banks, insurance companies, etc.) and institutional (European institutions) can be the perfect opportunity for you to submit your application to many recruiters of different companies. The Kirchberg plateau is located near the Findel airport. If you are looking for a job in the Healthcare sector, you will also find job opportunities for a position at the Kirchberg Hospital.

If you are interested in a job as a salesperson, several recruiters at the Cloche d'Or – located in the Gasperich district – are waiting for you in order to complete their teams. There are more than 130 stores represented in this new shopping center! The Ville Haute district – or Upper Town in English – is connected to the train station by the Passerelle. This district also offers you several possibilities in administrative infrastructures, shops, bars and restaurants –notably through the creation of the Royal-Hamilius complex.

Working in Luxembourg City – located in the south of the country – will give you several benefits in terms of quality of life. The public transport network – tramway, bus, particularly – is indeed widely developed and allows fast access from the train station. The Grand Duchy is the first country to have introduced free public transport – this is a real asset for people living in the country and those living near the frontier too. The Gare district – or Train Station in English – is located near the Bonnevoie district. It also includes many shops – such as bakeries, clothing and cosmetics shops, cafés, and so on – but also several administrations – embassies among others.

We are certain you will find the job you need here – thanks to the huge diversity of employers located in Luxembourg City – by checking the several different job offers available on our website. Whether you are looking for a job as an accountant, secretary, cook or bricklayer, Luxembourg City is the right place for you!