Job advertisements in the field of agriculture, nature in Luxembourg

Job offers from the Agriculture and Nature sector in Luxembourg such as landscaper, gardener or worker, for instance, are available on this page.

Nowadays, the great majority of us have become aware of the importance of ecology and take care of the environment. The Agriculture and Nature sector includes several job and recruitment opportunities available in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. You can especially find different job opportunities to work as a landscaper, gardener or even a farmer.

This business sector is experiencing an exponential and sustainable growth – thanks to the advent of the organic production, more commonly referred to as organic, and to the sustainable development. We are thus witnessing the creation of several jobs needed for certification processes and advice to communities. The Agriculture and Nature sector can be divided into different categories: animals (veterinarian, farming agent, dairy controller, etc.), plants (gardener, landscaper, quality controller, etc.) and agriculture (farmer, machine driver, etc.).

Many professions are represented in the Agriculture and Nature sector. There are different stages where a specific work is required – such as agricultural production, consulting or sales, among others. You can work as a silviculture worker, gardener or truck farmer for the stage of agricultural production. Some employers are looking for forest engineers, oenologists or even agricultural lawyers in the farming advice. Production managers, operations managers or farming managers specialized in the sales of agricultural products are regularly recruited.

When getting a job in this sector, you have the possibility to work in different professional environments – such as green spaces (garden, nature park, etc.), forests, fields, vineyards among many others. Certain skills are required, depending on the job offer you are applying to like a certain knowledge of trees and plants, fruits of each season (summer, spring, etc.), for instance.

To access this business sector, you will generally need to have a Technical certificate, Tech-Level or HND or equivalent diploma. Some positions can also require a professional license or an engineering diploma to allow you benefiting from a quick occupational integration on the labor market. Your potential future employer can offer you different types of contracts – depending on the needs and requirements of the company – like a student or seasonal job contract or other. The type of contract will be specified on each job advertisement.

You will be able to send your application for a job offer and then join the company. Luxlait is one of the largest recruiters in the Agriculture and Nature sector in Luxembourg.

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