Job advertisements for gardener in Luxembourg

Do you have a green thumb? No… better than that: you are a pro with green areas! Here are the job offers available for a gardener in Luxembourg!

As a gardener, you will find several professional opportunities as there is a high demand in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – especially for urban development projects. The different parks, gardens and more generally green areas of the country are waiting for environmental professionals – like you – to take care of them every day.
There are many employers looking for gardeners in Luxembourg. Municipalities are also hiring several gardeners – these nature skilled workers – and offering them a job of municipal employee. It is not unusual to find some job offers posted by these administrations. There are at the same time many outsourced services and some services companies are used to submit this recruitment project to temporary employment agencies – such as TOPP INTERIM or MANPOWER, for instance – or to reputed Luxembourg’s service providers – namely ATALIAN Global Services, VEREAL S.A., just to give some examples.

The job of gardener – or sometimes called gardener / landscaper – consists of creating, landscaping, and maintaining green area. You can work at parks, gardens, but also sports fields, edges, or highways, for instance. As you can see, there are a wide range of different work environments.
As a gardener, you will have several different assignments like preparing the ground and planting plants. Sometimes your employer may ask you to install maintenance equipment – such as watering systems and fences to protect a specific area. You will also have to be able to carry out small masonry work, install slabs or tiles following a specific plan of work depending on the client’s needs and your skills. Mastering different equipment – namely mower, brush cutter, grass trimmer and hedge trimmer – is very useful for the clearing and pruning tasks.

Most of the job offers for gardener on our Moovijob website are offering a temporary contract. Not all job offers as a gardener are visible, but we recommend you follow the companies you are interested in and to create a Job Alert. Needing a gardener is most of the time an occasional and recurring need. Most of Luxembourg recruiters will expect you to have a specific training course – namely General certificate / Technical certificate specialized in gardening or development of green areas / landscaping. It is a manual labor and the professional experience is highly important. If you want to maximize your chances of being recruited as a gardener, you can use some keywords during your job search on our Moovijob website – like nursery owner, agricultural or horticultural, for instance.