Is it possible to actually love your job?

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Published on 13/02/2023, by Maëlle Pinto

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Have you ever seen someone quit their job because their company didn't have a foosball table? No, right? But because their co-workers made their work life a living hell? Unfortunately, yes.

Although work is still often associated with routine and boredom, for some, it is more than that. In order to discover who are these people who love their job in Luxembourg, collected the testimonies of many workers in the country to learn more about their motivations.

Unanimously, the 376 respondents stated that the key to happiness at work is to be part of a good team. The testimonies reveal two other reasons that would be equally crucial to achieving that feeling of well-being at work.

Good relationships with co-workers

All respondents declare that they appreciate their co-workers, so much so that it is the main reason that motivates them to get up every morning. Houda Mbarek Jallouli, Payment Traffic at Edmond de Rothschild, says she is part of a "very nice team with a kind manager". Margot Roche, Senior HR Generalist at BorgWarner, mentions the "daily support from her team" without which she could not "do this job". Tanja Loth, HR Assistant also emphasizes this "human factor that is essential".

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Important values

The second element highlighted by the respondents is the alignment of the company's values with theirs. It would seem essential that a company conveys good values throughout the integration process and even beyond, in order to satisfy its employees. For example, Marine Manera from Polygone Luxembourg mentions her company’s values, which are "strongly focused on the human and social aspects". This feeling is also reflected in the testimony of Laëtitia Louis, Content Writer and HR Marketing Officer at CFL, who tells us that her "company is aligned with its values and responds to concerns about environmental preservation and sustainable lifestyle". According to Clémence Poinsignon, Junior Lux. Employer Branding & Recruitment YGs at Ferrero, her company "brings together all the elements that make up well-being at work: team spirit, continuous learning, caring and professional development”.

A diversified job

The last reason emphasized is the variety of tasks. Margot Roche mentions the possibility of working on "varied tasks that prevent from falling into monotony". For Eren Karal, Consultant at Ainos, working for different clients and projects is very motivating and allows to meet many people. This variety of tasks would allow Manon Thiel, Marketing Specialist at LHH Luxembourg to "be stimulated and to learn every day, which is enriching both professionally and personally".

Therefore, a good salary or benefits are no longer enough. To avoid turnover, it seems essential for the company to convey good values while offering diverse and stimulating tasks; all in a good working atmosphere!

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