A record-breaking day for the 14th edition of the Moovijob Day Luxembourg fair


Published on 29/03/2024, by Charles Stone

Moovijob Day Luxembourg 2024 article

Luxexpo The Box experienced an unprecedented influx of people at the Moovijob Day Luxembourg fair with 18,113 visitors entering the doors to explore job, training and career opportunities. An historical event for Moovijob.com, the biggest job fair the country has ever seen, kick started a busy year with the addition of the Moovijob Week Luxembourg in November!

Luxexpo The Box - March 22nd 9AM*

The largest job fair in the Grand-Duchy lived up to its title hosting an impressive 179 companies that were not disappointed by the number of job seekers present. Such a multitude of organizations were in attendance, that there were vacancies available in most domains namely: finance, industry, construction, transport, temporary work, horesca, commerce, IT, consulting, health and social services and of course different training programs. There was ample choice for one and for all!  

A success on all fronts 

“A record for the 14th edition of the Moovijob Day Luxembourg, I don’t think we have ever seen as many smiles and as good of an ambiance from both exhibitors and visitors. So thank you to everyone who partook”, exclaimed Moovijob.com’s Director Luxembourg, Yannick Frank, after the event.

The previous record for the number of participants stood at 15,000, marking an impressive 20% increase at this year’s event! The day was rich in encounters and success was felt by all, if it meant meeting interesting candidates or developing leads in terms of employers with CTG Luxembourg expressing their gratitude “a great organisation, lots of quality candidates so thank you Moovijob.com”.

A visitor stated, “it's really interesting, you get to interact with a lot of recruiters at once and instead of receiving a straight rejection via email you can meet them in person and discuss - it has been a busy day”. The mutual appreciation between exhibitors and candidates speaks volumes of the success of the event, highlighting the positive impact of face-to-face interactions and the valuable connections forged at the 14th edition of the Moovijob Day Luxembourg fair. 

One of the aspects that stood out the most on the exhibitor’s side was the sheer amount of people that were present. “There were more candidates than expected, we were occupied the whole time, and it was a pleasure to meet as many people as we did. There were certain positions where we are now spoilt for choice” was the opinion of a member of the Merbag S.A team.

Similarly, representatives of Servior claimed “we were here from the start until the end, we had so many people, I think there were a lot more than last year” also stating that people were “better informed and prepared” than prior editions of the event.

The same was felt on the visitor's side too: “there are a lot of exhibitors and in lots of different sectors, so there is a high chance of being in luck”. 

Entertainment and information at every turn 

Candidates were spoilt for choice when it came to how to spend their time, when they weren’t meeting prospective employers, they could listen to 6 different conferences that took part over the course of the day. Starting with your very own job board who briefed candidates on how to boost their participation at the Moovijob Day Luxembourg fair, followed by interesting insights from Merbag S.A., TMC Luxembourg, ICN Business School, EU Careers and the Canadian Embassy.  

In addition to this, there was an array of entertaining features at several stands including an immersive VR experience where you were teleported to one of Servior’s establishments, Fujitsu and CTG Luxembourg offered Pacman with the latter also provided table football as an option. There was also the chance to win prizes such as with CFL who had their own wheel of fortune and Lidl hosting static bicycle races where the winner received a pair of branded socks.

The Mooviteam’s presentation*

Servior’s VR experience*

A joint effort 

Overall, the Moovijob Day Luxembourg event went beyond being a job fair; it emerged as a hub for networking, collaboration, and community building within the professional landscape, leaving a lasting impact on participants and companies alike. The whole thing would not have been possible without the aid of our sponsors and partners, and we would there for like to thank them: 

  • Sofitex de l’interim au CDI, 
  • Sofitex Talent Recruitment, 
  • Auchan Retail Luxembourg, 
  • CTG Luxembourg, 
  • ICN Business School, 
  • Merbag S.A., 
  • Servior, 
  • L’essentiel. 

The sponsors wall

The Mooviteam worked relentlessly in the build-up to the event, and we are immensely proud of the outcome. From the sourcing team that works tirelessly to keep all the offers up to date as well as candidate acquisition, the sales team that brings in the vast number of companies to the event or the communication team that successfully implemented an advertising campaign that could be seen all over the Greater Region. Working more in the background but the backbone of the company are our amazing IT and accounting workers! And of course, our CEO and Director that gel the whole thing together - many hands make light work! 

Make sure that you do not miss the rest of our events that are coming up this year, starting with the Moovijob Night Luxembourg on the 23rd of May, swiftly followed by a trip to Germany with the Moovijob Day Luxembourg in Saarbrücken on the 14th of June and our fair designed for students and young graduates namely Unicareers. Most excitingly, we will be hosting our first ever Moovijob Week Luxembourg which will take place over the course of a week with each day being devoted to a different sector!  

A photo and video report of the day’s proceedings

The QR code wall*

The floor plan of the fair*

The official guide of the fair*

The lounge Area sponsored by Arhis HR Solutions*

The Luxexpo The Box entrance*

The packed-out conference area*

Our sponsor gold Sofitex Talent*

Our sponsor Auchan Retail Luxembourg*

Our sponsor CTG Luxembourg*

Our sponsor ICN Business School*

Our sponsor Merbag S.A.*

Our sponsor SERVIOR*

*Credits: Pancake! Photographie

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