In Luxembourg on May 23rd, then in Saarbrücken on June 14th!

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Published on 17/04/2024, by Yannick FRANK

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Looking forward to your next event? After the incredible success of the Moovijob Day Luxembourg fair, which welcomed 18,113 visitors last March (the companies that were present have not yet recovered 😊 ), two new events are already on the horizon: the prestigious Moovijob Night in Luxembourg, and then the Moovijob Day Luxembourg fair in Saarbrücken. So, which one to choose? Luxembourg? Saarbrücken? Or both?

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 - Moovijob Night Luxembourg

6pm to 10pm at Neumünster Abbey

This will already be the 13th edition of this recruitment evening, which was launched in 2012 in Luxembourg, at the time under the name Plug&Work. Since then, this innovative concept has been copied all over the place, but as they say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. 😬

The aim of this evening is to enable a limited number of Luxembourg companies, who are exclusively recruiting in IT and Finance, to meet the pre-selected profiles based on their requirements. This is what we call matching! No ChatGTP or other AI, but a top-notch Sourcing team that knows both its customers and its candidates. 

Participating companies send their recruitment needs to before the event, which then carries out targeted, personalised communication to invite the right profiles to the event.

All guests enjoy a pleasant evening in the sublime Neumünster Abbey. From 6pm to 10pm, the evening unfolds in an atmosphere of joy and good humor. Music, cocktails, entertainment and snacks create the informal atmosphere so typical of the Moovijob Night Luxembourg.

So, if your company is recruiting developers, engineers, business analysts, consultants, compliance officers, risk managers, accountants, auditors, lawyers... (non-exhaustive list), and if your employees want to spend some quality time with us, the Moovijob Night Luxembourg is made for you!

Friday June 14th, 2024 - Moovijob Day Luxembourg in Saarbrücken

10am to 5pm at the Saarlandhalle

Yes, Luxembourg is once again going to Germany to attract German profiles as well as those from the East Moselle. Participating Luxembourg companies will be able to meet new candidates who are interested and motivated to join the Grand Duchy. 3652 visitors were welcomed at the first edition of this fair in November 2023.

The massive media plan deployed in both Germany and France has not gone unnoticed, thanks in particular to the bright color of its visuals and the impact of its message, which is crystal clear: "Your future career in Luxembourg!”. Unlike the Moovijob Night Luxembourg, this event is open to all business sectors, and will feature 9 themed areas:

  • Banking/Insurance,
  • Sales/Distribution/Horeca,
  • Advice/Training/Public Services,
  • Legal,
  • IT/Consulting,
  • Industry/Construction/Transport,
  • Research & Development,
  • Health/Medical Care/Social Services,
  • Financial services/Audit/Accounting.

While Friday June 14th marks the start of the European Football Championship (don't worry, the Germany-Scotland match only kicks off at 9pm 😉 ), it's also a great opportunity for your company to recruit effectively, and to interact with numerous German-speaking, French-German and multilingual profiles.

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