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Published on 27/11/2023, by Leïla Kharoubi

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Saarbrücken, Germany - Wednesday 22nd of November 2023 was marked by insightful exchanges and promising professional opportunities in Saarland, as closes its 2023 calendar of events in style.

For the first time since the launch of Moovijob Day Luxembourg, the team ventured to Germany, accompanied by around fifty Luxembourgish companies, to welcome 3,652 visitors, mainly from Saarland and the East Moselle.

While Luxembourg has a lot to offer when it comes to attracting foreign talent, the media plan put in place by was certainly no stranger to the success of the event. A big advertising campaign in the East Moselle region and Germany ensured that the event did not go unnoticed, the pink colour chosen to represent the event certainly had something to do with it... 

Once again, demonstrated that Luxembourg's appeal knows no borders! 


Luxembourg, a small country with big opportunities

This was the message conveyed at this year's Moovijob Day Luxembourg in Saarbrücken, where a wide range of sectors were represented by Luxembourgish companies.

Famous for its solid financial district, the Grand Duchy also offers great career opportunities in other fields. The Moovijob Day Luxembourg in Saarbrücken remained true to this notion of diversity, offering a wide range of positions in sectors such as industry, construction, IT, law, health and sales.

And while domestic employment in Luxembourg has almost doubled in recent years, rising from 264,000 jobs in 2000 to 502,600 in 2022 (STATEC), Luxembourgish companies are no longer hesitating to recruit beyond the country's borders. A clear message to foreign talent!

Operation persuasion in Saarland on Wednesday 22 November 2023

"It's a big first for to be travelling into Germany with Luxembourgish companies looking to recruit. And it's further proof that Luxembourg has an appeal beyond its borders! We already knew that with Paris and Brussels, and now Saarbrücken is confirming it!" says Yannick Frank, Director Luxembourg, with pride. 

The event was very well received by visitors, some of whom had very little information about the Luxembourgish job market and the companies looking for German-speaking profiles. "I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a job in Luxembourg," says Ivan. In his opinion, the added value of the fair lies in the direct contact between candidates and companies. "It's always better to make initial contact face-to-face, and not just via the employer's website," he concludes.

"The companies talk to the visitors in a relaxed way," emphasises Dieter, who particularly appreciated the laid back atmosphere at the event, where exchanges with the companies were fluid and spontaneous. 

Visitors also had the opportunity to attend 4 conferences, including, for the first time, a conference discussing the Luxembourgish job market. Two German-speaking staff members, Inga Moning, Account Manager, and Elisabeth Lerche, Sourcing & Campus Officer, led the session!

A winning strategy for Luxembourgish companies

The event was a great success for the companies too, with some wonderful and sometimes unexpected professional encounters. "There are more candidates than we expected," says Joachim Plab, Global Principal Category Manager Customer Operations at Vodafone. "Among other things, we were looking for a fairly specific profile. So we're delighted to have been able to talk to someone who met our criteria".

And it's something everyone agrees on: has risen to the challenge of combining quality profiles with quantity! "We're very pleased with the event and the attendance. There are certainly a lot of people, but the profiles are very interesting and, as we had hoped, German-speaking", says Jérôme Gangloff, Head of the Human Resources Division at Servior, before sharing their desire to attend the event again next year.

As 2024 is slowly approaching, 2023 finished with a bang for, with the Moovijob Day Luxembourg in Saarbrücken also indicating the end of the year's events. With five major events, including three abroad, 2023 was a year of unprecedented success and new opportunities, attracting more than 25,000 visitors!

But the team has no intention of stopping there, and 2024 will see the arrival of a new wave of events... Visitors and companies are invited to stay tuned to discover the surprises that await them. And who knows, maybe a new event in Saarbrücken! 😉

Once again, thank you to our partners, visitors, participating companies and our sponsors - Servior & ADEM / EURES - for their confidence in this first Moovijob Day Luxembourg in Saarbrücken! 

While waiting for 2024, we will still be able to stay in contact on the website, where opportunities continue to develop daily.

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