Moovijob Day Luxembourg: the virtual format is not done yet

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Published on 26/10/2022, by Florane Giolat

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The Moovijob Day Luxembourg event is back! Just a few months after the first edition of the year, which took place at Luxexpo The Box, Luxembourg's iconic Job, Training, Career fair will be organized again this Friday, November 18th... in a virtual format.

Pour the coffee, connect your headphones, and get comfortable behind your computer, because you're going to meet your next colleagues!

The Moovijob Day Luxembourg event will return this Friday, November 18, 2022, from 9:30 am to 5 pm for a 100% virtual edition. Dozens of companies, from large international groups to small and medium-sized companies or even training institutes, have already confirmed their presence to exchange with the participants and offer them numerous professional opportunities in all sectors, via live video conversations, during an exceptional day.

New features on the virtual platform

This invitation-only fair will allow anyone who cannot leave their job or travel to Luxembourg on a weekday to find a new job, a new training course or meet THE right person who can accelerate their career. Click here to register.

The virtual solution has been completely updated since the first event in 2020, allowing all participants to connect at any time of the day and to conduct as many interviews as they want, thanks to live video exchanges, just like in real life!

One of the main new features of the platform is the privacy settings optimization, which have been refined to better meet the needs of the participants. Participants can choose to hide their profile from all companies or from certain companies only. Pretty handy when you don't want to be seen by your current employer, for example!

"We took the best of both formats to meet all needs"

"Organizing an event as large as the Moovijob Day Luxembourg in two different formats enabled us to realize the advantages and inconvenients of each one, but most importantly: the complementarity they offer. The virtual format breaks down some of the barriers that are inevitable in physical events, such as commuting time, on-site parking, or standing in a line. In virtual, companies can conduct as many interviews as they want, and visitors can join 3 different companies' queues at the same time, which is a real superpower. 😊" says Yannick Frank, Luxembourg director at Moovijob.

To learn more or register as a visitor, visit the event website:

To participate as a company, contact us now:

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