New: Moovijob is launching the "Luxembourg Job and Career Development Week"

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Published on 05/10/2021, by Florane Giolat

Today, discover Moovijob's new initiative in favor of the economic recovery in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. 

For the first time, a whole week will be dedicated to employment and training thanks to the new recruitment event: "The Luxembourg Job and Career Development Week".

The concept

Take part in a recruitment fair organized over 5 days, or more precisely, a total of 5 specialized fairs over each day, from Monday October 18 to Friday October 22, 2021. 

Each day offers you the opportunity to exchange directly with dozens of Luxembourg companies in your business sector, to discover the main actors of the Luxembourg job market and to talk about your career plans.

This event will be held in a 100% virtual format, so that everyone can easily participate in the different days.

A theme for each day

Word is going to spread!

It is a strong and positive signal in favor of Employment and Training in Luxembourg that will be sent through this event, organized with the support of some Ministries and governmental organizations.

Do not hesitate to share the event with your friends and family, and to register now (Registration is mandatory).

To register, simply go on the Moovijob Day page and fill the form for every day you would like to participate in.

What about you, will you be there?

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Hello, I am from Nepal. please support me to find the job in Luxembourg.

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