Why should you register to the Moovijob Day Luxembourg?

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Published on 01/03/2023, by Florane Giolat


Since 2011, the Moovijob Day Luxembourg organized by Moovijob.com is the largest Job, Training, Career fair in the country. Year after year, the event has made a lasting impression thanks to the large number of companies that come to recruit all profiles, regardless of experience, profession or qualifications. 

In 2023, a record number has been reached: 180 companies will be present at Luxexpo The Box to conduct job interviews and offer permanent or fixed-term contracts or internships to visitors. Companies that are recruiting, yes, but not only! Training organizations as well as job and career advisors will also be present to help you find the opportunity of your dreams in the Grand Duchy.

The icing on the cake? Free conferences will also be organized throughout the day to allow you to learn more about certain professions, certain sectors or the trends of the job market in Luxembourg.

Although registration to this fair is not mandatory for participating as a visitor, it is highly recommended by the Moovijob.com team in order to optimize your attendance to the event.

Why should you register before participating ? 

You will have an easier access to the event

By registering to the event on the Moovijob.com website, an invitation email will be sent to your mailbox a few minutes later. You will be able to show this email at the entrance of the fair (a printed version or directly on your smartphone) and this will allow you to enter the fair right away. No need to wait in line!

You will receive tips to optimize your visit and your meetings with companies

Are you the type of person who thinks that recruitment fairs are "useless" and that you won't find a job through them? Perhaps this is due to your attitude or your (lack of) preparation before the fair. 

For example, did you prepare your Elevator Pitch? Have you properly informed yourself about the companies you would like to meet at the event?

By registering for the Moovijob Day Luxembourg event, you will receive tips and tricks to help you make a good impression on recruiters and increase your chances of finding a job or an internship in Luxembourg.

You can be contacted by recruiters after the event... 

When you register, you will be asked for several information, including your CV. A profile will then be created on Moovijob.com and your CV will be made available to all 180 companies present at the Moovijob Day Luxembourg.

Thanks to this, you could potentially receive a call or an email from a recruiter who is interested in your profile. So check your mailbox regularly!

But you can also be "invisible" to some companies!

If you want to go incognito and hide your CV from all or some companies, this will also be possible. By registering to the event, you will be in control of your data and their confidentiality.

You will join the great Moovijob.com community! 

As you can see, registering to the Moovijob Day Luxembourg event will allow you to get an account on Moovijob.com. By filling in your profile, you will apply even faster to the 5000 job offers published on the jobboard, and you will increase your chances to find your dream job in Luxembourg!

Are you convinced? Then go to the Moovijob Day Luxembourg event website right now!

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