Portrait of the month: without any former sales experience, Inga has become a successful Account Manager at Moovijob.com

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Published on 05/06/2023, by Nora Kussmann


Moien! The time has come for a new portrait of the month! After last featuring Laëtitia and her exciting job at the CFL, this month we present someone from our own team: Inga, Account Manager at Moovijob.com.

Almost six years ago, on her birthday, Inga started out as an intern at Moovijob.com. Today, she's an incredibly sucessful Account Manager. However, if you think that she has always had an affinity for this field, you’re wrong!

A path focused on languages and culture

Inga’s love for sales didn’t begin early on, but her love for languages surely did. When she was still in high school in Germany, she participated in language exchanges and took advanced French classes. It therefore didn’t come as a surprise that she went abroad the moment she finished school, in order to work as an au pair in Bordeaux. "This year did not only consist of positive experiences, but it really shaped me as a person. I met so many amazing people and even after more than 10 years I am still in contact with my host family."

After that experience, it was clear to her that she wanted to study a bachelor’s degree with French and her choice finally fell on the French-German Double degree European Studies in Paderborn and Le Mans. Although the bachelor’s degree focused on culture and languages was not one hundred percent what she had envisioned, she has no regret about choosing this path: 

"Studying in France for one year in particular has given me a lot. Looking back, I would even say that this year abroad was one of my best years."

When the time came to apply for a master’s degree, Inga stayed true to her love for languages and chose once again a French-German degree, but with a focus on management. Despite what you might think, her master’s still had nothing to do with sales. However, when she was looking for her end-of-study internship, her affinity for languages helped pave the way to the Sourcing department of Moovijob.com.

"Back then the Moovijob.com team was very francophone. Since Luxembourg is a multilinguistic country, I had a big advantage as a native German speaker who is fluent in French and English."

She got the internship and was soon offered a permanent contract. However, her career path didn’t end up there…

From HR to Sales

As a child, Inga would never have imagined herself working in sales, since she used to be much too shy for that. The offer to switch positions from Sourcing Officer to Account Manager was therefore surprising for her: "I've never had anything to do with sales before. I had no former training whatsoever in that field."

The beginning in the new position was definitely a challenge, as she had to learn everything from scratch. However, she is still grateful to have been given this opportunity since this made her grow both in her job and as a person. Her lack of former education in the field is something that she has since turned into a strength. She describes her learning journey and working style as "Pipi Longstocking": "I have taught myself everything in the way that suits me best and try to implement it in the same way."

But her way of working is not solely responsible for her success. When asked about the keys to her success with the clients, she replies:

"Transparency and honesty. For example, if a client wants to attend an event of ours that I know is not a good fit for them, I always tell them my honest opinion."

Working in Luxembourg

Working at Moovijob.com made her not only discover the field of sales but also her love for Luxembourg. "Luxembourg is a beautiful country. I'm lucky enough to be able to travel around the country a lot because of my job, so I can discover all the beautiful places here. Especially the countryside is truly amazing."

Something she appreciates the most about working in the Grand-Duchy is the diversity of languages.

"I'm constantly switching between three languages in my job. That was a challenge in the beginning but has since become quite natural to me.

Since her beginnings as a Sourcing Officer, the Moovijob.com team has also become more multi-linguistic, however some things haven’t changed: "What I still love most is the team spirit. Over the years, the team has become like a family to me."

And if you still wonder, why she started working for Moovijob.com, you can be sure that our Office Dog Hirma also played some part in her decision. 😉

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