Portrait of the month: Julien's inspiring journey as a loyal collaborator for 14 years

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Published on 06/09/2023, by Leïla Kharoubi


In a time when employee retention poses a major challenge for companies, Moovijob.com has managed to stand out. Julien, a long-time collaborator, tells us about the company where he has been working for 14 years, engaging in a casual discussion about corporate loyalty and how Moovijob.com has shaped his professional journey. How can a company cultivate the loyalty of its talents while promoting their personal growth? Julien tells us all about it!

The story begins with an internship

Julien joined Moovijob.com as an intern. "I did my internship in 2010 as a communication officer", he recalls. This period allowed him to become familiar with the company environment, press releases, community management, and various aspects of communication.

A challenge changed his career: "At the time, Moovijob.com was working with a freelance graphic designer. Since I was proficient in design tools, the managers challenged me to create some visuals. They liked them, and that's how I got a permanent position as a designer", he explains. Julien has been the catalyst in the process of internalizing design creations at Moovijob.com.

Although he started as an intern, Julien quickly took on new responsibilities. In addition to his communication and design duties, he now handles a wide range of tasks, including purchasing, customer support, team coordination and continuous improvement of internal processes.

"I really enjoy managing these kinds of projects; continuous improvement is a real challenge", he confides.

An environment that fosters learning and bonding

Julien believes that continuous learning is a key factor in employee retention at Moovijob.com. "Management doesn't hesitate to delegate, assign new responsibilities and trust", he explains. The company also offers training to help workers improve their skills. Ongoing learning is a top priority for the company.

Julien's commitment to the company has been strengthened by certain key moments beyond professional responsibilities.

"Before each event, the team gathers. It's common for us to travel and spend the evening before together. Stress, laughter, and shared moments naturally bring us closer and create strong bonds among colleagues. In fact, I met my life partner in the team", he shares with a smile.

Professional and personal evolution in harmony

In 14 years of career, Julien has experienced both professional and personal growth. He emphasizes the importance of rigor, self-demand and the constant pursuit of process improvement. Every year new challenges arise, ensuring that every day is unique.

"On a personal level, I have certainly gained maturity", he adds, illustrating the positive impact of his years at Moovijob.com.

Julien also highlights Moovijob.com's evolution over the years. The improvements are obvious, especially technologically, with the redesign of the website greatly improving the user experience. The events organised by Moovijob.com have also grown in scale: more effective communication, better-quality stands and carefully designed signage.

But what hasn't changed is the company's family atmosphere. Julien describes the team as close-knit, passionate and caring.

Julien's recommendations for retaining workers

Talent retention is a challenge for all companies, and according to Julien, a few elements are essential. He emphasizes the importance of listening, which he considers paramount.

Respect for work-life balance is also crucial. Good working conditions lead to greater employee involvement.

"Negative pressure doesn't work!", he insists.

In conclusion, Julien characterizes Moovijob.com as a close-knit family rooted in strong values, especially mutual respect. He describes a company where management is attentive and where enjoyment is an essential component of daily work. In short, Moovijob.com is more than just a company for Julien; it's an exceptional professional and human adventure that has been going for 14 years.

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