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Published on 19/06/2017, by Oriane MARTIN

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Hello Moovijobers ! Today, in a team meeting, a colleague mentioned the fact that some recruiters do not consider applications with no accompanying message. So let's take a look at how this option of sending a motivational message to accompany your future applications works. Indeed, this feature is now mandatory to avoid your CV ending up in the trash.

In the days of our parents and grandparents, 100% of cover letters were written by hand. This time has changed since the cover letter, when it is still used, is systematically typed on the computer. Indeed, nowadays we rather address our motivation directly in the e-mail accompanying the CV which, in addition to the basic greeting, must be accompanied by key arguments that will be important for the recruiter to show that your profile is in line with the mission. We explain everything to you.

The ability to apply quickly via a job board

On, candidates have two options to apply to a job offer: they can either apply quickly by just clicking on the button "Apply" in an ad, or they can create an account to apply more easily on multiple occasions. In both cases, they will be able to send their CV, contact information and an accompanying message in a few clicks to be recontacted by the companies that are hiring.

If you are a candidate, you should know that, thanks to a job board, your profile is visible to recruiters on a CV library (only if you want it to be) and that you can also access thousands of attractive job offers, to which you will probably be eager to send an application to. However, don't make the mistake of skipping the personalized message step: that's where the problem lies.

Nowadays - and this is understandable given the average number of applications sent until a job is found - some candidates no longer bother with a covering letter with their CV. However, unlike the cover letter that no longer captivates human resources, this little message to the recruiter can make all the difference compared to other candidates.

Please note: some job ads may mention that a cover letter is required with your CV. If this happens, we recommend that you write a standard cover letter. It would be a shame to lose points for that, wouldn't it?

The motivational message that makes the difference 

Keep in mind that recruiters receive dozens of applications a day and may not have all of their company's job opportunities in mind. When they receive a message in their mailbox from you, they will only see your contact information and your resume. What could be more boring than that?!

A short accompanying message can easily be more appealing, more welcoming. Its objective is not to be decorative, or to fill the void, no! It aims to motivate the recruiter to open your resume, which requires an extra effort, and is always more appealing with a creative message 😉

What do we talk about in a motivational message? 

You have several options: the sobriety choice, with a short and cordial formula, the introduction to your CV, as long as your message is not a copy-paste from it, or write a paragraph presenting your motivations directly included in the accompanying email.

The basics to respect: specify the title of the ad you are applying for, do not repeat what your CV says, and thank the recruiter in advance for analyzing your application, all of this without any mistakes!

Tip: the more personalized your motivational message is, the more convincing you will appear, as long as you apply to the ads that are relevant to your profile.

Here are some examples of motivational messages to use without moderation! 

Very short message:

Hello / Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Please find attached my application for the position of Supply Chain Assistant within your logistics department in Luxembourg. I remain at your disposal for further information. Thanking you in advance for your attention regarding my application, Mr Dupuis

Simple message:

Hello / Dear Madam, Dear Sir, I am a Project Manager with more than 5 years of experience in Supply Chain. I would like to apply for the position of Project Manager within your logistics department in Luxembourg (reference n°45656). You will find enclosed my CV and a more detailed cover letter. Thank you in advance for your attention. Yours sincerely, Mr. Dupuis

More detailed message:

Subject: Application for the position of Project Manager (N°45656) / Application to the ad N°45656 

Hello / Madam, Sir,

Assistant Project Manager with more than 5 years of experience in Supply Chain, your interview on the Moovijob blog drew my attention to your new logistics department in Luxembourg. I am currently on a fixed-term contract and I am seeking a new opportunity within a company such as yours. Having already collaborated with many of your subsidiaries as indicated in my attached CV, I would like to use my skills within your organization. I would be delighted to share my experience with you in an interview. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr. Dupuis

At Moovijob, we prefer the 3rd example. Short, succinct and personalized are the key words for a successful motivation message! Put these tips into practice and start applying now for our thousands of jobs in Luxembourg.

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