How to answer the most frequently asked questions by recruiters during a job interview?

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Published on 23/02/2023, by Maëlle Pinto

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When applying for a job, it is common to prepare a presentation of your professional background and skills, also known as the Elevator Pitch. However, it is equally important to be prepared to answer the most frequently asked questions by recruiters. Today, we list the most commonly asked questions in job interviews and give you tips on how to answer them effectively.

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1. Tell us about yourself

Let's start with the most common opening question in a job interview. It aims to get to know the candidate and their background. It is important to answer briefly, highlighting experiences that are directly related to the position being applied for. Depending on your profile, you can talk about your studies, your last professional experiences and the skills you have acquired, while also mentioning your personal strengths (soft skills).

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This question is often asked to assess your skills and confidence. To answer effectively, focus on your strengths and illustrate them with concrete examples. For weaknesses, we recommended to present them as opportunities for improvement rather than weaknesses.

Be careful not to mention any weaknesses that are in total opposition to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying in the social sector, avoid mentioning your apprehension towards human contact.

3. Why did you apply for this position?

This is where you must show your motivation and interest in the position. It is important to show enthusiasm and explain why this position is important to you. Mention the tasks and responsibilities that appeal to you and how your skills and experiences match the position. It is also important to let them know that you have read the job offer and understand its missions. You can take this opportunity to ask any questions you could have regarding the offer. This will allow a real exchange and the interview will seem more natural.

4. Who are we?

This question is also a way for recruiters to find out if you have taken an interest in the company, its industry, business model, products or services. Do not hesitate to find out more before your job interview. This will show your motivation to join the company and will allow the recruiter to picture you within their team.

5. Why should we hire you?

Once again, this question aims at evaluating your confidence level. To answer this effectively, we recommended that you highlight your skills and work experience that are relevant to the position, by explaining your successes and achievements. It is also important to highlight your motivation for the position. And do not forget to mention your soft skills.

6. How do you work in a team?

This question may seem less important, but in reality, it is crucial. It will reveal more about your interpersonal skills and your ability to work in a group. Show that you are able to work with other people and mention examples of situations where you have worked in a team. Emphasize your ability to collaborate, communicate and resolve conflicts. Remember that a recruiter is looking for a profile that will fit into a team. The first impression is what counts!

7. Where do you picture yourself in 5/10 years?

Here, the recruiter is looking for your ambition and motivation. Show that you have professional goals and that you are ready to invest in your career. Avoid vague answers and give specific examples of what you would like to accomplish.

In conclusion, the questions asked in a job interview are often designed to assess the candidate's skills, experience and personality. It is important to prepare for these questions in advance and to answer in a concise and effective manner, by illustrating your sayings with concrete examples. It is also crucial to show your motivation, passion and ambition for the position. 

By following these tips and being well prepared for the most common questions asked in a job interview, you will increase your chances of success and will be able to convince recruiters that you are the ideal candidate for the position!

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