6 interesting questions to ask recruiters during a job interview

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Published on 27/02/2023, by Florane Giolat


Whether they are conducted face to face or remotely by phone, Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype, interviews are usually very stressful, even for the best prepared candidates. Today, we suggest 6 questions to ask the recruiter at the end of an interview, which will differ from the traditional: "What is the company’s dress code?". Let's go! 👇

What does a typical day look like?

You've probably already looked at the main job duties mentioned in the job offer (which you obviously studied carefully before your interview), and then you exchanged about it with the recruiter, but do you know how a typical workday will look like if you're selected for the job? Whether you are experimented or not, each company has different tasks and assignments depending on the industry, number of employees, or country in which they are located. Asking this question will help you picturing yourself in the company, in a concrete way. Among other things, it will allow you to know what the daily missions are, the people and departments with whom you will have to communicate regularly, the meetings you will attend, etc.

How will you judge whether the position has been handled well?

Asking this question will show your commitment and desire to succeed in the position. You will most likely get an answer on the main objectives to be achieved and the expectations of your future (potential) manager, which will again allow you to picture yourself in the position doing the tasks that will be expected of you.

We are 1 year away, you have recruited me, what would make you say that the work I have done during this first year has exceeded your expectations?

This question is relevant for many reasons. First, it creates a mental picture in the recruiter's head of you working in the company with them, which is beneficial for you. In addition, they will be able to imagine themself being happy with your work, which is beneficial for them and indirectly for you. Finally, the recruiter will tell you the criteria that are important to them in the context of a potential collaboration. That way, you will be able to sell yourself during the interview.

What are the career development prospects in this position?

Are you looking for an internship? An assistant position? A job as a manager? In any case, several career paths are often possible, you just need to find out! Indeed, recruiters will be very sensitive to this question, as it will show your ambition and determination once you have obtained the job. If you hesitate between several jobs, asking this question can also be a good way to decide. Be careful, however, not to be too ambitious at the first interview, as this could lead the recruiter to believe that you are more interested in the development of the position than in the position itself.

Do you need any recommendation?

The famous recommendations (meaning letters of recommendation and any other document that can be of your advantage during the recruitment process) are less and less requested by employers. Nevertheless, it is essential to remain on good terms with your previous company if you are asked for one. By asking this question, you show the recruiter your ability to take initiative and above all that you have nothing to hide. To make a good impression, you can ask for a letter of recommendation from your former managers in advance, or even provide their contact information (with their consent) so that the recruiters can call them directly.

When will we see each other again?

This question will definitely show your confidence and motivation! It will open the door to further interviews. However, be careful how you phrase the question, it could be interpreted as arrogance.

How about you, do you think of any other questions? 😊

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