Summer quest: seeking sun, success, and … your dream job!

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Published on 05/07/2024, by Estelle Fernandez

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Ah, summer ... Cocktails by the pool, barbecues with friends, and the desperate quest for air conditioning. But did you know it's also the perfect time to land your dream job in Luxembourg? Yes, you read that right! With, job hunting in summer not only becomes possible but downright easy, especially with over 5,000 job offers just waiting for you. 

It's already too late for that summer body ... 🥵 Summer Campaign


We get it, with summer in full swing, we all had our eyes on that “Summer Body”. And while it's too late for that, we already know what to put on our new to-do list: finding the perfect job for fall! After all, the “Summer Body” can wait a bit, can’t it? So put that job search at the top of your list and get ready to shine. And for those who might forget, we've got all summer to remind you! Things are going to heat up, so don’t forget the sunscreen and leave the rest to ☀️. On the agenda: plenty of afterworks with cocktails, wines and terraces for all sun lovers (like us), new updates on our social media, posters on Luxembourg buses to keep us top of mind, and a packed schedule for an unforgettable summer. Stay tuned so you don’t miss a thing! 


Display of the Summer Campaign on Luxembourg buses


Beat the heat, land a job that's neat! 

While other candidates are lounging on the beach, you're getting a head start. Fewer CVs on recruiters' desks = more chances for you to stand out from the crowd. And contrary to popular belief, not all companies shut down in July-August. Most are gearing up for fall and need reinforcements. That’s where you come in. So, get ready now, it’s the perfect time to update your CV, find your dream job and start the fall at full speed. the miracle solution (no exaggeration) 

No, it wasn't a typo in our intro. Over 5,000 job offers are available on, 100% for Luxembourg. Whatever your field (finance, technology, healthcare, commerce, construction...), you'll find the perfect fit. Head to our job offers section and filter by sector, contract type, location, or education level, and bingo! Consider creating job alerts as well. With just a few clicks, you'll always be informed of the latest postings and never miss an opportunity! Perfect for both young and experienced professionals looking to dive into the job market and boost their careers. 

Summer isn’t just for lounging in the sun (although that’s nice). It's also the perfect time to take your career to the next level with 

The perfect job is just a click away: 

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