Small but vibrant: discovering Luxembourg’s big city ambiance


Published on 27/12/2023, by Charles Stone

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At first glance Luxembourg City may seem small with a population of just over 100 000 inhabitants, making it the 7th smallest capital city in Europe. However, delve into its many nooks and crannies, and there are gems that are worthy of the biggest. A cultural melting pot, with over 170 nationalities coexisting bringing life to Luxembourg beyond its own and a rich history that is still visible through its medieval fortification. Luxembourg City may be small, but there is plenty to do that gives off the illusion of being in a metropolis, here are a few examples of a small city giving off big city vibes.

From tracks to treasures 

Located behind the central train station, lies the Rotondes, a sociocultural centre showcasing an array of exhibitions ranging from the visual arts, theatre pieces to flee markets and video game fairs. The historic circular buildings, once served as the turning point for trains, allowing them to change direction. Today, these remarkable structures have been repurposed into expansive venues, offering versatile spaces for all types of events. The outside area is great in the summer, the bar in combination with the colourful, charismatic decoration creates an alternative feel to a normally conforming Luxembourg.

The outdoor terrace of the Rotondes

Contemporary art in historic walls 

Moving to the other side of town at the start of the business district, in Kirchberg, lies the MUDAM which is a contemporary art museum forged into the aforementioned fortification of Luxembourg. The architecture combines the new and the old in a unique but stylish way creating a building that excites at every turn. Upon entry a huge foyer usually fit with art installations, displays the magnitude of the building that was foreshadowed outside and leads to numerous different exhibitions. Equipped with a cosy café providing all your desires for after the visit, which can follow with a stroll down the museum’s grounds that provide possibly the best view of the city. 

The visible ruins of the old fortification outside MUDAM

 Kyosk’s crafty summer soirées 

A further place that embodies the life and soul of a big city; where people come together to enjoy each other’s company with food and drinks is the Kyosk, also in Kirchberg. An outdoor bar / street food / pétanque pitch / multipurpose area that provides an atmosphere that would not be out of place in Berlin. The only issue with it is that it is only open in the summer as it is completely outdoors. In its prime people converse on sofas and recliners while drinking craft beers from around the globe, fluttering between sporadic games of pétanque and listening to live DJs in the background. Not to mention Luxembourg’s biggest sports centre the Coque is next door which proudly boasts a plethora of different activities and hosts a wide range of sporting events, making it a must for any sporting fanatic.


Kyosk's peculiar outdoor bar area

Stage diversity 

The capital of the Grand-Duchy also possesses a stately 7 theatres, with international stars having performed throughout. The grandest in stature is the Grand Théâtre which also holds some impressive on-stage mechanics that truly mesmerise its audiences, along with their global theatre pieces. A further honourable mention is the Abtei Neumünster which is an old Benedictine abbey that doubles as another cultural centre; hosting an array of events, all with a beautiful backdrop. Furthermore, some smaller theatres such as Banannefabrik and Théâtre des Capucins offer more intimate and alternative performances. 

The Abtei Neumünster from above

Luxembourg's concert delights 

Finally, concert goers in Luxembourg are in luck as many of the artists perform in the country due to tax reasons, so some of the biggest superstars have performed in the country. The main concert hall is not in the capital but in Esch-sur-Alzette at the Rockhal, which is a state-of-the-art venue. However, the smaller more intimate concert experience is at den Atelier which holds 1200 people, near the train station. A venue that artists enjoy performing at. With its two floors and small stage, it creates an electric atmosphere when the place is full and an unforgettable experience. Live shows are scattered around the city in many of its fun bars such as Gudde Wellen, Liquid and the tube to name but a few. 

Den Atelier with its two floors

There are numerous other places in the capital that give off an atmosphere of a bigger city but that was a few of the best. 

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