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Published on 13/02/2024, by Maëlle Pinto

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Do you dream of a job that you’ll love and won't make you feel sick to your stomach every morning? Do you dream of a boss that you'll love and who won't make you cry at the slightest mistake? Do you dream of a team that you'll love and with whom you can work together in harmony and a good atmosphere?, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg's leading job board, is shaking things up with its first advertising campaign of the year. This bold initiative aims to highlight the importance of having a fulfilling job, pleasant colleagues and a caring manager. 

A powerful message 

While some workers leave their jobs for better pay, more paid holiday or a great company car, sometimes it's simply a question of feeling good at work. And yes, while these days an attractive package is a major argument in recruitment, you shouldn't neglect the working atmosphere, the management, or indeed the job itself! 

I hate my job 🤮 

If your day-to-day tasks are making your life a living hell, understand that this is not the norm. In this situation, you may be suffering from a lack of prospects for development, boredom at work, or quite simply inadequate responsibilities. 

The figures tell a story: 60% of employees feel that their work directly affects their mental health

Watch out for the signs, some of which are easy to identify: a lack of challenge, a lack of recognition, or a disconnect with the company's values. is clear: happiness at work is not a luxury, it's a necessity! Find the job you will love

I hate my boss 😭 

The second part of the campaign focuses on the direct link with the manager. Relations with the line manager are often cited as one of the main causes of resignation by employees. Factors such as the manager's toxicity, lack of constructive feedback, or lack of empathy can worsen the work experience. 

And while this relationship between manager and employee is a professional one, it is comparable to the one that everyone shares with their partner: for 69% of employees, the manager has an impact on their psychological state similar to that of a spouse.

This analogy highlights the crucial influence of management on employees' well-being. The campaign therefore encourages people to look for a boss who inspires, supports and understands their employees' professional aspirations. Find the boss you will love

I hate my colleagues 🤯 

Let's now focus on the importance of relationships with colleagues. A solid and caring team can turn a working day into a positive experience. Get out if you're faced with a lack of team spirit, frequent conflicts between teams, or a lack of collaboration! 

Did you know? 83% of employees consider a good working atmosphere to be a determining factor in their attachment to the company. invites you to reflect on the value of interpersonal relations at work! 

Finding a team where there is mutual support and cooperation can be the key to a fulfilling career. Find the team you will love

What if was the solution? 

Beyond its ambitious campaign, offers a concrete solution to these professional challenges. As the leading job board in Luxembourg, the platform connects candidates and companies, making it easier to find the ideal job and professional love at first sight! 

With its approach focused on well-being at work, is committed to creating professional opportunities aligned with people's aspirations, whether in terms of missions, work environment or professional relationships.'s Valentine's Day campaign is not just about attracting attention, but about stimulating collective thinking about the importance of fulfilment at work. So whether you're looking for an exciting job, an inspiring manager, or a dynamic team, is here to help you find your dream job. Because, after all, in the rollercoaster that is your professional career there are downs but also ups and the next up could be the change in job that you need!  

Get the job you deserve on the Grand Duchy's No. 1 job board

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Gautam Dave


Do you dream of a job that you’ll love and won't make you feel sick to your stomach every morning?

Hello Maëlle,

One of the best topic to talk across the world is been taken up here and I am glad to participate in the debate of the same to present my views on the same. Yes I do dream a job that will make me love my work and will encourage me to put more efforts to increase my productivity. As per my personal experience, people are struggling to balance their work life and personal life at the same time due to many reason such as wrong field,Less compatibility to position of work, Less remuneration against the load of work, working hours, management issues and many. A person going through all or any of this situation always takes out an excuse such as stomach pain or other to avoid going into the same environment. Higher management always need to look into such scenarios and help the bottom line to improve the work culture and balanced life.

To participate join the community, give your opinion, and continue the discussion on the forum.

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