91% of professionals in favor of publishing salaries in job ads

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Published on 02/01/2024, by Leïla Kharoubi


Moovijob.com, Luxembourg's recruitment pioneer, is taking another significant step towards improving the candidate experience on its job board. From January 2024, Luxembourg's leading job board will be introducing a brand new feature that highly recommends mentioning salaries in all job advertisements. This initiative has originates from the European Directive 2023/970

The importance of salary transparency: a clear consensus  

According to a survey conducted by Moovijob.com, 91% of professionals have a preference for salary transparency from the moment a job offer is posted online. This transparency not only saves time for both parties, but also improves the candidate experience.  

The remaining 9% consider that disclosing information during the recruitment process offers better negotiation opportunities.  

So the figures speak for themselves, highlighting a clear trend towards a more open and honest approach to recruitment practices.  

And while many professionals are calling for salaries to be mentioned in job advertisements, the respondents are quite clear: transparency is an element that has a direct influence on decision-making. According to 90% of survey participants, salary plays a central role in their decision to apply for a job.  

Not only does proactive communication of salary information improve the relevance of the applications received, it also offers multiple advantages, recognised at a European level. 

 A European directive committed to equal pay  

Moovijob.com understands this is an initiative that should be encouraged, as European legislation is moving in this direction. The European Directive 2023/970, adopted in May 2023, aims to increase the transparency of pay in order to combat pay inequalities, and in particular gender discrimination. Although the law does not explicitly require salary disclosure in job advertisements, it strongly encourages employers to do so, ideally as soon as the advertisement is published.  

Other important clauses of the directive include the prohibition to ask for a candidate's pay history and the right of new employees to ask for average pay levels in the company once they have been taken on. 

Multiple advantages  

A real asset, for committed candidates in their job search on Moovijob.com, is salary transparency. This development of offering clear salary visibility at the start of the recruitment process enables a number of practical advantages, including:  

  • Saving time: salary transparency offers candidates a significant advantage by enabling them to filter opportunities according to their salary expectations. This avoids unnecessary steps and optimises the time spent on searches that are in line with their financial objectives.

  • Confidence: posting salaries demonstrates the employer's transparency and honesty. This helps to establish a trusting relationship between the candidate and the company from the very first stages of the recruitment process.  

  • Better knowledge of the market: by knowing the salary on offer, candidates are better equipped to make informed decisions about the relevance of positions and the appropriateness of their salary expectations. 


Moovijob.com's recommendations  

From 2024, Moovijob.com strongly encourages all companies to systematically indicate a salary range in their job offers. There are also plans to develop new features on the candidate side to highlight advertisements with a salary indication. Candidates will also be able to create job alerts linked to salaries.

Transparent job offers with salary details? They’re already available on Moovijob.com! 🤑

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