How to find a job at a recruitment evening

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Published on 15/05/2023, by Maëlle Pinto

Since 2007,'s recruitment and networking evenings have enabled thousands of people to develop their professional network, learn more about the job market, meet and discover companies face to face and, most importantly, find a new professional opportunity.

This may seem unrealistic to some, but at we believe that by following a few simple tips, you can veritably boost your career.

1 - Be familiar with the concept 

The Moovijob Night Luxembourg are original afterworks that allow you to meet companies face to face in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The quality of exchanges are very important, that is the reason why a selection is made by our Sourcing team in order to maximise your chances of finding the perfect opportunity.

During the event, the traditional stands are replaced by high tables and a cocktail reception is offered throughout the evening. The objective? To break down the barriers of traditional recruitment!

2 - Be well prepared

To help you get the most of the evening, don't forget to find out as much as possible about the companies that might interest you. The list of the participating companies is available a few weeks before the event.

If you click on the different logos, you will find more information about them and the positions they have to offer.

Once you have identified the most interesting companies and positions for your profile, don't hesitate to write down the main information in a notebook that you will keep with you, or in your mobile phone.

Also, don't forget to update the CV you uploaded during the registration.

To do so, simply connect yourself to your profile on

The best advice we can give you at a recruitment evening? Showing your company culture! That means knowing all the information about each company you meet.

3 - Adopt the right attitude

During the event, you will meet several companies, so you will have to be much more careful about your behaviour than you would when applying for a job on a jobboard.

The rule number one is: politeness. Even if the atmosphere is informal, the environment is still professional.

Looking the person in the eye, but also listening and smiling will help you gain several points. As you know, the first impression is made in the very first seconds of the meeting.

4 - Adapt your speech to your interlocutor

As explained in the previous point, your behaviour and your interpersonal skills will have to be perfect to make the difference. Beyond courtesy, we advise you to put forward your soft skills in order to naturally create a good feeling with the person in front of you. In theory, your speech could potentially be adapted according to the company's sector, the job offer you are interested in or the age of your interviewer, for example. In any case, remember to have a few catchphrases in mind, which will make it easier to break the ice.

5 - Think about the next step

Although HR have access to your CV during and after the event, give yourself the opportunity to act first: remember to systematically ask for a business card or at least an email address after each potentially interesting meeting. 

In the days following the event, we advise you to send personalised emails to each of your contact. You can thank them for all the great exchanges during the evening and show your motivation.

Would you like to participate in this kind of event? Discover our Job & Networking evenings!

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