Tips: How to be successful at a recruitment evening?

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Published on 10/04/2023, by Maëlle Pinto

The goal of the Job & Networking evenings is to meet face to face many recruiters and professionals from your sector of activity, in a confidential manner and in a friendly atmosphere.

So what can you do to shine during the evening? It's quite simple, you have to make sure recruiters want to see you again! Discover now our precious tips.

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Tip number 1: positive attitude

During an event, a successful person is someone who attracts people and make them listen to him or her speak. Crowd attracts crowd, so once the phenomenon has started, a multitude of good practices will be needed.

Just like at the driving licence, do your checks and communicate with the other guests at the party. This is the essence of a recruitment or networking evening.

Someone who is successful also smile, is relaxed and natural. Hypocrisy, stress and bad mood are not welcomed during the evening. 😉 Recruiters are there for you, so take advantage of this, learn about them, about the companies, start the conversation and feel comfortable. It is normal not to know everything about a firm, but it is important to come well prepared so that you don't say wrong things. So make sure to check out all the information available on the event's website before the evening.

At a party like Moovijob Night Luxembourg, you need to be the person who's:

  • happy to have been selected to spend a good evening,
  • reassured to know that your profile matches the positions offered,
  • determined because your pre-selection increases your chances of being hired,
  • motivated to show your best side to recruiters,
  • and confident, because you will have time after the evening to prepare yourself for the final interview.

Tip number 2: the art of good manners

During the recruitment evenings there are a lot of exchanges. Everyone needs to refresh themselves at the buffet. You should therefore know how to :

  • eat without staining your clothes,
  • shake hands without getting your hands sticky or full of petits fours,
  • not talk with your mouth full and the breath that goes with it when you have to answer a question,
  • resist in front of all those glasses of wine that will possibly make you feel dizzy,
  • in short, the buffet is to be appreciated at the appropriate time.

Here are a few more tips on how to behave with others.

Avoid going into too much detail about your personal life, talking too much, or saying "Me, me, me...". When you communicate, try to look the person in the eyes and if you are embarrassed, look between the eyes, it also works!

Lastly, as we have already noticed few years ago, some participants make sexist or sectarian criticisms or remarks. These should be avoid. The same goes when you talk about your previous job, don't criticise your previous company. If we ask you why you decided to change, stay positive. It would be a shame if your HR manager got wind of what you said and you were fired before you had a new job!

Tip number 3: dress code

The successful participant knows how to dress in a business casual style. He smells good (no need to take a bath of perfume) and have a tin of breath mints in his pocket.

Introduce yourself at your best, in clothes that make you feel comfortable, as this will reflect your attitude. There is nothing worse than a person who stare at your neckline or wearing a blouse way too small. The recruiter might be unsettled.

We could talk about this for hours, because we've already seen some embarrassing outfits. We encourage you to come as you are, but some outfits are generally unwelcomed at this kind of event: your favourite soccer team's jogging gear or ripped jeans, for example.

If you want to know more about the appropriate dress code, consult our dedicated article: Dress code for a recruitment evening

Tip number 4: your voice

We usually give a lot of advice on the previous topics, but we often forget one essential point: the voice.

If you always end your sentences with "that's it.." this tip is for you. To sound confident, we advise you to lower your voice at the end of your sentences, rather than raising it, which can give the impression that you are asking a question or waiting for feedback from your interviewer. This is often the reason why you end your sentences with a catchphrase. This very recurrent tic can be a sign of a lack of self-confidence and a need to be reassured by the other person. You may exhaust the recruiter in front of you who could stop listening.

Other tips: 

  • Avoid speaking in a monotone voice, as you will lose the attention of your audience,
  • Don't force yourself to laugh at every sentence, every silence, or when you don't know what to say. Studies have shown that people who laugh all the time are perceived as less trustworthy and this is certainly not the effect you want at a recruitment event,
  • Avoid speaking in the conditional tense (if I were recruited, I...), keep it factual,
  • Keep a certain distance between you and your interviewer, so you don't make him/her feel uncomfortable.


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