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Published on 20/04/2023, by Nora Kussmann


Congratulations! You’ve found your dream job in Luxembourg and now all you need is a place to live? Luxembourg is a beautiful country to live in with magnificent landscapes and a high quality of life. However, it can be overwhelming to find a place to live in a new country. Don’t worry, we got your back!

No matter, if you’re looking for your own place or a shared flat, if you’re a professional or a student, we wrote down all the important links and information for you, so that you can start your adventure in Luxembourg right away.

Before you dive into your search for your dream home in Luxembourg, it is important that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where do I want to live?

Luxembourg might be a small country, but there exist still a lot of different villages and cities where you can live. Do you want to have a place in the metropolitan capital, the countryside or in the Border region close to France, Belgium or Germany? There are a lot of things to consider, such as the distance to your workplace, cultural life and public transportation. To better decide which area might best fit your needs, you can have a look here.

  • Do I want to live alone or in a shared flat?

Both types of living arrangements have their advantages and disadvantages. However, you should be sure about what you are looking for to better start your search. Some sites and agencies only offer places for one person or couples, while others are especially for those who want to live in a shared flat with other professionals or students.


  • What is my budget?

It’s important to know how much money you have available each month to pay your rent and eventual extra costs not included in the rent. Depending on your budget you might have more or less choices. Since an apartment in the city center is almost always more expensive than one in the suburbs, you should be open to search for a place to live in a wider area and not just in a 1-km-perimeter.


Co-living / Shared flat:

There are many options to choose from if you want to share a flat or a house with other people. Depending on your age and your personality, you can live in a student dorm, share a flat with other professionals or even try out intergenerational living. We made a list of some sites you might want to check out:

Traditional co-living: is a site which lists all the available co-living places offered in Luxembourg by private persons and real estate agencies alike. By creating a profile, you can also announce to other people on the platform that you’re looking for a place to live, so that the landlords and agencies can contact you directly. allows you to search for your co-living-adventure in Luxembourg, by setting several parameters such as your budget and your move-in date. Here, you can also contact your future flatmates directly and find like-minded people to live with.

Roomlala is platform on which people offer rooms in their homes for a specific period of time. Although the platform is mainly tailored to people looking for a short-term stay, you can still often find rooms to rent for several months.

Intergenerational co-living:

Co-living with older people can be a very rewarding experience as the younger person usually gets the chance to lend a hand to their older housemate while they can share much of their life experience. However, since this is a very personal experience and the organization wants to find the perfect match between older and younger person, you should take into account that the application process usually takes longer.

Living alone

You want to live alone and enjoy your Luxembourg adventure in your own place? You don’t have to look further! You’ll find below all the best sites to find an apartment or a house for you to rent or to buy:

Apartments and Houses to rent and buy:

On this site you can find everything from apartment to a house with garden. You can also find both places to rent or to buy.

IMMOTOP.LU is a platform which lists both apartments and houses alike. Additionally, it also allows you to find real agencies in Luxembourg and their listings. is a site specialized on the real estate market in Luxembourg. On their site you can find apartments and houses, as well as a lot of information about the real estate market in Luxembourg.

While this is not a platform with real estate listings, Editus helps you find all the registered real estate agencies in Luxembourg. This way, you can search on their sites and see which apartments or houses they have available at the moment.

LUXRELO is an agency that helps foreigners find a place to live in Luxembourg, be it temporary or long-term. But their services don’t end there: They also assist with any administrative procedure, help finding a school for your child and provide settling-in support.

Only for students or interns:

Wunnraum fir Stagiairen is an organization with the goal of providing interns and trainees affordable housing in Luxembourg. The organization has several accommodations available in Luxembourg for which you can apply. Don’t forget to read the “Criteria for admission” to have better chances of getting accepted.

Erasmus play is especially for international students who only spend a few months in Luxembourg. The site lists several offers of student rooms and apartments.


A few more tips…

  • Have a look at social media

There are a lot groups on Facebook about co-living or renting a place to live in Luxembourg such as:

Colocation Luxembourg or Colocation Luxembourg / WG Lëtzebuerg. You can also check out other Social Media platforms such as Instagram to search for posts on available properties.


  • Look out for scams

Unfortunately, there are not only nice people on the real estate market. Before giving out any personal information or sending pictures of your ID, you should be sure that the other person is not a scam. Find out when they created their account and what kind of other posts or listings they have online and which details about the property they provide. The same goes for real estate agency: look them up online and read their reviews. If you’re still not sure, if they are a real agency, you can always ask for their official real estate license. 


  • Ask around

Maybe you have already friends who live in or near Luxembourg or if you already found a job in Luxembourg, you have future colleagues who you can turn to. Maybe they know of someone looking for a flatmate or are even renting out an apartment themselves. So, don’t hesitate to ask around!

We wish you good luck with your search and hope you will find your new home in beautiful Luxembourg soon! 🍀


In the meantime, you can find more information about working and living in Luxembourg on our blog.

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