The best outdoor places to go swimming in Luxembourg

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Published on 27/06/2023, by Nora Kussmann

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Summer has fully arrived in Luxembourg. 🌞 The temperatures are rising, and we all dream of sitting in the shade or bathing in cool water. Well, this dream can definitely become a reality! In Luxembourg there are several beautiful nature reserves, lakes, and rivers where you can go swimming. The perfect spots to escape the heat and spend some quality time with family and friends.

Lake of Echternach

The lake of Echternach is located in the area of Mullerthal, a region which is renowned for its beautiful hiking trails. Since the area is also a nature reserve, you can’t jump into the cool water wherever you want, but only in a marked area of the lake. The swimming spot is accessible via the small island not far from the youth hostel.

People who are not yet ready to jump into the water, can take a tour around the lake by foot or bike, rent one of the pedaling boats or simply sunbath on the sand. There are public toilets near the swimming area, as well as a stand that sells ice cream, burgers and much more. You can either get to the lake by bus (get off at the station Echternach, Nonnenmillen/Lac) or by car. Parking is available at the entrance of the lake.

The lake of Echternach is the perfect spot to forget everyday life for a few hours.

Upper-Sûre Lake

The Upper-Sûre Lake is a large water area located in the west of Luxembourg. There are no less than seven beaches and bathing spots around the lake, where you can cool off and relax in the shade of the trees for a few hours. To get around the lake you can either walk (although this takes some time) or take the Stauséi shuttle that drives around the lake for free. There are food stands near the beaches and the lake is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

Since this is a nature reserve, there are some rules to follow. For instance, having a barbecue is only permitted at specifically marked areas and most beaches are not open for dogs, however there are some spots where dogs are allowed in the water. You can find all the information about the rules of conduct here.

Sauer River

The Sauer River (SĂ»re in French) is a tributary of the river Moselle and partly goes through Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. The river actually flows into the Upper-SĂ»re Lake at the end and the same as the lake, the Sauer also offers several bathing spots, such as the one near the Camping Rosport. However, if you go swimming at the river, you have to be more careful since most bathing spots here are not supervised, meaning swimming and bathing are at your own risk. 

Weiswampach Lakes

At the Weiswampach Lakes you can not only go swimming, but also spend a camping trip with your family, go fishing or try out water activities such as wakeboarding or standup paddleboarding. The two artificial lakes are at the center of the leisure and vacation center in Weiswampach and open all summer long.

The Weiswambach Lakes offer many water activities for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush.


The Baggerweier is a classic quarry lake that resulted from the exploitation of the local sand pits in Remerschen. Today it is a beautiful lake that offers the perfect spot for lounging in the sun, playing volleyball or standup paddleboarding. Moreover, the association that takes care of the lake and its surroundings has installed several fixed barbecue sites around the lake where barbecuing is allowed.

Entry to the bathing area costs 5€ per day, for children under 10 years the entry is free. The lake is open from 10 am to 6 pm during the bathing season (May 1 to August 31).

Enjoy the summertime and if you need some reading for your beach adventures, check out the other articles on our blog.  

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