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Published on 31/05/2023, by Nora Kussmann

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You think that Luxembourg is way too expensive, and that you can’t do anything without spending a lot of money? In this article we show you that this is not at all the case!

In fact, the Grand Duchy offers a lot of activities you can do for free. You’re interested in art and culture or want to learn more about the history of Luxembourg? This country has something for every taste, all without paying a single cent. And the best thing: since public transportation is free in all of Luxembourg, it doesn’t even cost you anything to get from one activity to another. 😍

A bit of sightseeing

Luxembourg is a beautiful country with many different places to explore. Whether you’re in the country for traveling or already working or living here, we’re sure you’ll find something new to discover with these sightseeing activities:

  • On top of Luxembourg with this beautiful rooftop view

If you want to experience Luxembourg city from a different perspective, you only have to go on the rooftop on the 6th floor of the shopping center Galeries Lafayette which is located in the center of the city. The rooftop gives you a 360-degree view of this beautiful place.

  • Go on a ride on the Pfaffenthal elevator or the funicular

The ride on the Pfaffenthal elevator only takes 30 seconds but that is definitely no reason to skip it. The lift connects the upper parts of Luxembourg city with the lower parts and, thanks to its glass windows, offers a panoramic view of the Alzette valley. Just like the Pfaffenthal lift, the funicular connects the two quarters of Pfaffenthal and Kirchberg plateau and makes for a fun ride.

  • Take a panoramic walk around Luxembourg City

There is nothing better than experiencing a city by simply walking around. If you want to be sure that you do not miss any of the exciting sights Luxembourg city has to offer while doing this, take one of the planed touristic walks. These tours are no longer than 6 km and offer you a great overview of the city’s historic and cultural sites.

  • Admire the Cathédrale Notre Dame

If you love architecture, beautiful stained glass windows and history, you shouldn’t miss the Cathédrale Notre Dame. While it might not look like its Parisian pendant, it is still definitely worth visiting. Since the church is open every day and located in the center of Luxembourg city, this is a good place to visit when you’re doing a sightseeing tour of the city.

  • Take in the scenery of these beautiful castles

Luxembourg is home to many beautiful castles. While it usually costs something to visit the castle grounds, it is certainly free to explore the surrounding area and admire these magnificent building from afar. Two castles you should definitely visit are the Castle of Vianden and the Beaufort Castle. The Castle of Vianden is one of the most beautiful castles of the Roman and Gothic periods in Europe and a true Luxembourg icon. Located in the Mullerthal, the little Switzerland of Luxembourg, the medieval Beaufort castle and its surrounding area are also a must-visit site.

-The castle of Vianden is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe-


Culture, Art and History

Did you know that before its independence Luxembourg had been under the command of many different nations such as the Netherlands, Germany, and France? The history of the Grand Duchy is a rich and exciting one and the country has much to offer in the historical department with its museums and various historical sites. However, if you are more interested in art, you will not be bored either! Discover what Luxembourg has to offer culturally, artistically and historically (free of charge of course).

  • Explore Luxembourg’s history in the Neimënster Abbey

The Neimënster Abbey has been a lot of things through the history of Luxembourg: a convent, a military hospital, and a prison. Today the site is considered UNESCO world cultural heritage and a place for cultural events and art exhibitions. You can explore this unique place on the Wenzel circuit which takes you around the different buildings. To visit the inside of the former abbey, you have to book a guided tour (4€ per person, children under 12 free of charge).

-One of the most photographed views in Luxembourg: The Neimënster Abbey nestled in the Grund quarter. -


  • Mudam - The place to go for Art Lovers

Paintings, sculptures, art videos – The Mudam, Museum of Modern Art is a venue for all kinds of artistic disciplines. Apart from the exhibitions in their unique building, they have also installed temporary and permanent exhibitions in the park of the museum. Every Wednesday evening from 6 pm to 9 pm the entrance to the MUDAM is free of charge.

  • Casino Luxembourg

The Casino Luxembourg is not like any casino, but actually a forum of contemporary art. It showcases mainly younger artists and sees itself as an “artistic and experimental think tank” with the goal of inspiring artists and thus creating new art works. You can either book a guided tour or visit the expositions by yourself.

  • Dive into the history of Luxembourg city

You want to know more about how Luxembourg City evolved over the years and became the thriving place it is today? The Lëtzebuerg City Museum guides its visitors through the exciting history of Luxembourg. People under 21 years and students between 21 and 26 years with a valid student card can access for free. For everyone else the museum offers a free visiting period every Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm.

  • A trip to another time in the Dräi Eechelen Museum

Located in the former fortress Fort Thüngen the Dräi Eechelen Museum is a place to experience history hands on. With over 600 objects and original documents presented, the museum is a great way to spend some time and learn about the many stories hidden in the walls of this historical site. You can visit both the temporary and a permanent exposition for free.

And there is even more…

While this is already an impressive list, Luxembourg has even more activities to offer. All year around there are events that you can visit and experience free of charge, such as:

For more events, you can always check out the official website of Visit Luxembourg and look at their events calendar or the following post on the website

We hope you have a good time discovering all these different sites and activities! 😊

If you want to know more about living and working in Luxembourg, take a look at our blog.

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