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Moovijob.com puts the human at the centre of everything; it was therefore normal for us to create a true space for exchange where anyone can express themselves. That's the purpose of this forum! We would like to receive your comments and opinions, especially about articles published on our blog, but also to discuss with you and the whole Moovijob.com community, subjects that can be complex and thorny. There are no bad questions, so don't be afraid and dare to speak up in a healthy, considerate environment moderated by our team.

This space is divided in several categories depending on the topic that will be of interest to you. The topics brought up must be related to the latest news about the Luxembourgish labour market and the characteristics of each section. Share your success and give advice and tips in the Career section. If you have any doubts about your salary or questions about labour law, the dedicated section is the ideal place to discuss these topics. The Events section will allow you to reassure yourself before participating in an event or to share your own experiences, whether you had success or disappointments!

The Luxembourgish market is changing fast and there are many initiatives and company projects that will be discussed in our Companies and Professions section. You will also find out about the trends and the future of certain professions! The Training section will be very useful for you to discuss training adapted to your profile and your motivations. Lifestyle, office life, daily life, stress related to commuting - take part in the subjects by giving your opinion in the Lifestyle section. Finally, new recruitment methods, candidate acquisition processes, development of a company's employer brand - we exchange about these topics with recruiters in the HR Management section of this forum.