Win-win: Why companies in Luxembourg should hire interns and trainees

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Published on 10/08/2023, by Leïla Kharoubi


Today, companies are at the heart of Luxembourg's thriving economy, and they have every interest in exploring new opportunities to boost their competitiveness. Among all the possible ways to do this, hiring an intern can be a winning strategy, both for the company and the intern.

Message to the companies: recruit students - they're good for your ecosystem!


Vigor and creativity: A young and new vision at the company

Hiring an intern or a trainee brings a fresh perspective to the challenges that the company is facing. Unfamiliar with the world of work, the young talents can stimulate innovation and provide new perspectives to the company.

This diversity enriches the dynamic, creating a positive synergy within the company. And that’s not all: young recruits are also often an asset when it comes to the use of digital technology!


Training à la carte: Invest in the future workforce of your company

Taking on an intern or trainee enables you to train the company's future workface according to your needs. If the current recruitment situation could lead to the eventual hiring of your intern or trainee, this is an opportunity you should not pass on.

Offer your interns or trainees a training that is in line with your methods and values, preparing them to join your team in the long term. This is the best opportunity to identify promising talent who could become real assets to your company.


Cost optimization: A profitable investment

It's no secret that hiring an intern or trainee is less expensive than hiring a full-time employee. However, it's important to remember that an intern is first and foremost an apprentice to the company. Adequate training must be provided for the intern/ trainee, who should be supervised by a tutor for the duration of the internship. This supervision is essential for them to gain the necessary professional skills: win-win!


Financial aid in Luxembourg

Another very important advantage, is the availability of financial aid and government incentives that facilitate the welcoming of an intern in the company. A great way to contribute to the training of the workforce of the future.

To qualify for financial aid in Luxembourg, the internship or traineeship must generally be governed by a legal agreement between the company, the educational establishment and the student. This agreement sets out the rights and obligations of each party, and may be a requirement for financial aid

It is essential to get in contact with local authorities such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Ministry of Labor, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy (MTEESS) to find out what kind of financial support may be available, what the specific eligibility criteria are, and what steps need to be taken to qualify.


As you can see, integrating an intern or trainee into your workforce reaps many benefits and is much appreciated by the companies in Luxembourg. In addition to liven up your companies with an innovative approach and the benefit of cost-optimization, you offer the young talents a valuable opportunity to learn and grow in a stimulating professional environment.

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