InTech and Moovijob to Revolutionize Recruitment with a New Partnership!

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Published on 24/03/2021, by Florane Giolat

There are no problems, only solutions. This sentence alone could summarize the alliance established between the two Luxembourgish companies during the lockdown period. On the one hand, InTech, specialized in the conception and realization of business solutions based on recent technologies; on the other hand, Moovijob, job board and leader in the organization of recruitment events in the Grand Duchy. Within 3 months, these two companies have managed to digitalize all the major recruitment events in the Greater Region thanks to a brand-new virtual platform.

An obvious partnership

The current health crisis is shaking up everyone's habits, both in their personal and professional lives. Companies are at the forefront of this change and must, in record time, adapt themselves to a delicate and sometimes critical situation. This is particularly true for the events sector, which is strongly impacted by this crisis. Each year, Moovijob organizes a dozen of events bringing together hundreds of companies for several thousand visitors. To ensure that these events can take place virtually and complete security, Moovijob has partnered with InTech, a company owned by the POST group. "We have been working with InTech since 2012. From the beginning, we have had a relationship of trust and, above all, similar corporate values such as high-quality services, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and customer support", explains Yannick FRANK, Director Luxembourg of Moovijob.

Digital technology to serve people

At the beginning of March 2020, while the 10th edition of the Moovijob Day Luxembourg job fair was coming up, Covid-19 forced Moovijob to postpone the event and reinvent recruitment. Right from the start, one of the scenarios was to transform face-to-face events into virtual events. "We were already working together and InTech was the only company to offer us its help on an event virtualization project, with the new "in-virtual" platform that had just been created by its experts. The next step came naturally between our two entities!". In addition, Moovijob had just carried out a global market study on the numerous existing virtual solutions. The conclusion of this analysis was clear: no solution, other than InTech's, met the expectations of the organizer who wanted to maintain recruiters’ and candidates’ behavior as close as possible to a face-to-face event.

"During our discussions and after reading Moovijob's specifications, we realized that the platform we had just launched at InTech totally met their needs". The goal of a virtual recruitment event is above all to keep the spontaneity of a physical event with the possibility for candidates to join virtual queues in front of exhibitors' stands and to have a videoconference tool directly implemented within the platform. Furthermore, it is essential for recruiters to be able to work in an environment and concepts they are familiar with. Candidate selection, instant CV screening, live evaluation and note taking are just some of the many features of the platform.

"Deploying such an innovative platform to carry out such renowned events in such a short period of time is a very ambitious project, in line with the high standards of our two companies, explains Gregory. "We have a similar vision that allowed this collaboration to move forward fast and well!".

Many perspectives

After only a few months, the virtual solution has been adopted by many organizations thanks to word-of-mouth. It now allows dozens of events per month to be held in France and Luxembourg. For Gregory, "this solution allows schools, universities, companies or institutions to keep on organizing or even reinventing their events."

In constant evolution, this platform allows companies not only to participate in fairs but also, for the most dynamic of them, to organize their own events, in complete serenity thanks to the support of Moovijob and InTech. "The 2021 order book is filling up fast!", says Gregory.

The partnership between these two important Luxembourgish companies confirms that the current health crisis has also generated some great stories. The "in-virtual " solution developed by InTech has already been used for about a hundred events since September 2020, including the 11th edition of the big Moovijob Day Luxembourg fair, which was held on Friday, March 19, and which allowed more than 7,000 online interviews! This shows us how much entrepreneurship and innovation allow us to be resilient in any situation.

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