Job advertisements for secretary in Luxembourg

Discover the job offers to work as a secretary or a receptionist in Luxembourg in our category reception, administration and office management!

This page contains several job advertisements to take up the position of secretary in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Thanks to the reception, administration and office management sector, you can benefit from a quite substantial recruitment market given the great diversity of working environments in which you can be required to work.

Depending on your professional experience and on the company to which you sent your application, your employer will give you several assignments such as answering the telephone, taking care of the company’s mails or filing various files between many other activities. You will find on this page several opportunities to work as a medical secretary with assignments such as entering consultation reports, for example – in addition to traditional office management assignments such as greeting patients or making appointments. Confidentiality and reliability are qualities particularly appreciated and sought after by employers when they are looking for a new employee for this job. Regarding the position of executive secretary, if you apply for this type of job advertisement – and subsequently recruited – your recruiter may ask for your help for organizing his or her schedule as well as meetings and business trips, among other things.

Do not hesitate to highlight your qualities and skills needed to work as a secretary in an efficient way such as organization, communication and time management. Some employers allow days of remote work. Being the person at the reception – and therefore the first contact customers will have with the company – your behavior and appearance is very important for the image of the company.

Whether you are looking for a position as a secretary specialized in the medical or the administrative field, administrative assistant or even commercial assistant, check our several job advertisements in Luxembourg posted by many employers on our website. Submit your application in order to get the job you need! All the required skills and training are described in each job opportunity, so you can tailor and better adapt your application as best as possible.