Job advertisements for receptionist in Luxembourg

The reception, administration and secretarial sector is recruiting in Luxembourg! Here is a list of job offers such as receptionist or secretary.

Do you want to be recruited as a receptionist in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg? You will find on this page several job advertisements and recruitment opportunities for this job.

You will be working in different professional environments. In particular, the hotel, restaurant and catering sector is recruiting on a massive scale. Discover now several job offers to work in a hotel as a receptionist. This position – which is essential for the proper functioning of any hotel establishment – can also be found under the following designations: host/hostess or welcome agent.
When you are recruited, some of your assignments will include welcoming visitors, answering customers' phone calls or managing reservations of the clients. Depending on the size of the hotel for which you are applying, your recruiter may ask you to take care of several tasks (then you will need to be versatile) or you will be assigned a specialization (reception, reservations, receipt, and so on).

In each job offer available on Moovijob, you can find the different skills and qualities that the employer is looking for. As far as your job is concerned, versatility, courtesy as well as flexibility will be essential. Resistance to stress and fatigue are also qualities that you can put forward during your recruitment process. Indeed, in the hotel industry for example, you may be required to work at night.
Several employers are looking for a new collaborator to expand their team. In contact with clients from several nationalities, the job of a receptionist also requires some language skills such as a good command of English above all. Any other foreign language is a great advantage when applying for a position in a new a company, and you should mention it, even if you are still learning a new language.

If you are looking for a job as a receptionist in a hotel or a company in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, please answer the different job advertisements available on our website and send your application. We advise you to take note of the prerequisites mentioned in each advertisement in order to adapt your application according to them and to put all the chances on your side.