How To Write An Effective Job Offer

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Published on 15/12/2020, by Florane Giolat

The reflection and expression of the need :

When writing an ad, the crucial part takes place... before the writing! Indeed, the success of your job offer will largely depend on your pre-writing reflection and the quality of the job description beforehand. Thinking about the different elements to be reflected in the ad is a key step towards its success. To do so, talk to the operational manager of the department for which you are recruiting or to your client in order to find out which elements must appear in the advertisement. It is indeed essential to know perfectly their needs, the exact job description of the person you are looking for as well as the tone you wish to give to your text and which will have to correspond to the culture of your company. All this will obviously have to be linked to the content of your company page.

Editing :

After taking the time to study the content of the advertisement beforehand, it is now time to move on to the format, which is the "marketing" aspect of recruitment, and which will enable you to attract the right candidates. To do this, here is our advice:

The title:

  • Be explicit: Use preferably popular terms, regularly used by the candidates you target. The choice of words in the title is very important because these words will partly determine the place of your ad within the results page. Example: if the candidate types the word "Project" but this word does not appear in the title of your ad, all ads with the word "Project" in their title will appear before your ad.
  • Use the same language in the ad title as in the text. Even though it is common to meet bilingual profiles in Luxembourg, you will gain in applicants if the language is coherent. Don't forget, the Moovijob team can help you with the translation of your ads :
  • Don't exclude any gender: make sure you don't limit the number of applications received because of this mistake, which could also offend some candidates.
  • Avoid vague and unclear terms. Example: Computer Genius. Even if this allows your ad, and therefore your company, to differentiate itself by giving it a fun and friendly touch, the risk is to make your offer appear well after all the offers for the same job, which have a more suitable term in their title. If you absolutely want to have an "offbeat" title, the simplest and most effective solution is to add a keyword in your title. In this example, it could be: "IT Genius Developer".
  • If it is relevant, specify in the title the location of the position (this can be useful for a company that recruits for several of its chains). For example: Store Manager - Luxembourg City.
  • Some exceptions for internship offers: for a general offer, it is preferable to address a large population of student candidates in the field concerned. For example, you can put "Internship - Finance Department" or "Internship - Human Resources", as these terms are widely used by students looking for an internship. For a specialized offer, it is wise to provide more details (e.g. "Internship - Finance Department - Quant Analyst" or "Internship - Human Resources - Compensation & Benefits Officer"), to allow a better targeting of candidates.

The content :

  • The essential content of an advertisement includes these different elements (generally in this order): the presentation of the company, the job title, the type of contract and ideally the starting date, the details of the missions, the skills ( by order of importance), the required qualifications (be careful, the notion of diploma can scare away some potential candidates, always think about the added value of the diploma in the job). When you write the ad, don't forget to take a step back from the job description, which is often too long and detailed. It is important to put yourself in the shoes of the person who will read your ad. Moreover, if you represent a recruitment agency, you must, if you are authorized to do so, provide as much information about your client as possible.
  • Once the essential characteristics have been added, do not hesitate to include other additional information such as the context of the recruitment (replacement, team enlargement...), the description of the team (number of people, skills...) and the manager, the recruitment process (how long before getting an answer) for example. Adding this information will help the candidates to project themselves and to know if the position is really made for them before applying. If you think it is relevant, don't hesitate to include the benefits offered: work environment, salary package, training, and all the elements that will meet the future employee's needs.
  • Are the right terms included in the content of your ad as well? As for the title of your ad, some words will condition the ranking of your offer. For example, an ad that uses the word "Accountant" twice will be ranked higher than an ad that uses this word only once. Warning, the goal here is not to get into a war with the one who will use the right term the most times, there is a fair middle ground to be found.
  • Is your ad the right length? At Moovijob, we recommend that you create an ad that is between 1000 and 3000 characters long. An ad that is too short can give the impression that it has been botched and may not inspire confidence in future candidates. On the contrary, an ad that is too long can impress the readers and may discourage them from reading your offer until the end.
  • Your writing style and the layout of the ad should not be neglected. Once the ad has been written, you have the possibility on Moovijob to consult the preview of the ad in order to see how it will appear on the site. Put yourself in the position of the reader; is your offer pleasant and easy to read? If so, bravo. 😊 If not, adapt your content by setting a limit on the number of characters or by airing out your text!

To go further :

On, the creation of a job offer also involves filling out a form that will also determine the ranking of your ad:

  • The field of the profile you are looking for: you will have to choose between the 38 proposed categories. Please note that we are talking about the category of the job sought and not the sector of activity of your company.

For example: for a position of Accountant within a retail company. You will have to select the sector of activity of the job: Accounting

Two categories can be combined depending on the profession.

Example: "Business Manager - Electricity" could be categorized in Sales and Building and Public Works. A candidate with significant experience as an electrician can be considered as a potential candidate for the position of electrical sales representative. It depends on his experience, knowledge and especially on his/her working environment (regular contact with customers and good relational skills).

  • We strongly recommend that you complete 100% of the other fields if you can, a completed ad is 3 to 4 times more consulted. The form offers you the possibility to indicate if this position allows teleworking or to indicate a salary range.

Finally, additional tools are available to help you manage your recruiter space and your applications, such as the setting up of an automatic response or our guide to create an effective company page.

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