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Published on 15/12/2020, by Florane Giolat

Above all, we would like to point out the importance of a fully and sincerely completed company page. Not only can it help you improve your image among potential candidates, but it also contributes to the quality of your applications: the more information it contains, the more candidates will be able to use it to personalize their applications and, subsequently, to prepare for an interview with your company.

Company Information

During the creation of your company page, you will be asked for basic information such as your business sector, your number of employees, or your address. Carefully fill out all categories by following the instructions. Adding links to your different social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) is also a way to make your business and/or your team better known, so don't neglect it.

Logo and cover image :

Your company logo will appear in many places on, but also on our partners' websites. For this reason, we recommend that you use a square format of 400px by 400px. These dimensions will allow an optimal display of your logo, whatever the placement.

The cover image of your company, like the one used on some social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook, allows you to display an image that reflects who you are to the visitors of your page. This image can be personalized and modified at any time, according to your wishes. For a better display, we recommend the following dimensions: 2400 x 770 pixels.

Running out of ideas? Here are several proposals for attractive cover images :

  • A team photo
  • A landscape or a photo of Luxembourg if your company is based there
  • A photo illustrating your sector of activity
  • A graphic visual of your upcoming events
  • A photo of your premises (outside), your offices, your meeting room or your reception area.
  • A graphic creation in the colors of your brand

Tip n°1: If you don't have a graphic designer or a communication department, you have the possibility to ask Moovijob to realize a personalized cover image.

Tip n°2: Several free tools allow you to easily create a cover image. For example, offers thousands of free and copyright-free professional photos and Canva allows you to create visuals easily, even without prior skills.

Presentation of the company :

The company presentation section allows you to give valuable information to future candidates about your company. Here, it is not a question of taking over the information already provided in the previous step, but rather of giving real added value to your company page.

Its goal is to make visitors interested in applying for your job offers and thus joining your team. For example, it can be interesting to mention also the good financial health of your company, the different projects in progress and to come, the evolution perspectives offered, the good environment/working atmosphere...

Tip n°3: Located in the center of 3 different countries and attracting thousands of workers from all horizons every day, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is strongly characterized by its multiculturality. In order to reach a maximum number of visitors, we recommend that you include a translation of your presentation. If you lack the resources to translate your content, the Moovijob team can help you!

Photo galleries

We have added this feature to let you show even more about your business by adding up to 3 photo galleries. These galleries, similar to photo albums, can hold up to 30 images each. Use them to highlight events you have organized or attended (such as Moovijob events), to show your premises, your collaborators or your various projects and achievements.


You can add up to 3 presentation videos to your company page. These must come from a YouTube or Vimeo account. You can choose to include a general presentation video of your company, an interview of your collaborators, or, why not, a TikTok challenge? 😊

Tip n°4: Would you like to make a presentation video or an interview? Contact Moovijob's marketing department for more information about our different possibilities.


Do you have a blog or a website? Now is the time to highlight them!

You can add here up to 3 relevant links.

Be careful, do not directly add the link allowing candidates to apply, as it will be added at another time.

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