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Published on 20/10/2022, by Maëlle Pinto


Today, the job market is very different from the one our parents and grandparents experienced. At a time where social networks have become the main means of communication, you need to stand out if you want to land your dream job. That is why it is so important to create a professional resume.

A well-written paper will give potential recruiters a detailed overview of your educational and professional background, as well as your personality and personal interests. The problem is, unless you are in the design or graphics industry, there aren't many ways to stand out when creating a CV. That is why your photo is so important!

Nowadays, almost every online profile has a photo attached to it, as it goes beyond words and shows you as a person. Learn simple but effective tips on how to take a great picture for your resume!

1. Show your personality

Although a photo is not mandatory or even discouraged for a resume, in order to promote equal opportunities, this practice is still very common in some professions, especially in Luxembourg. There are some benefits to having one. If your CV photo is clean and professional, it will help to recognise you as a person. That is why it is so important to show your personality in the picture. 

In an era of social networking, all of us have good photos on Instagram or Meta, but it is best not to use those for your CV. Instead, use professional photos that work for both resume and LinkedIn profile. You will need to communicate your personality to the hiring manager so that they do not just see a basic CV, but especially a person they see working in their company.

2. Make sure your photo is high quality and bright enough

The first impression you will give is based on your resume photo, so make sure it is of good quality. Make also sure you use natural light and a professional shooting environment with no clutter in the background. This will help you avoid distracting shadows and ensure that your face is clearly visible. With the right lighting, your face will look fresh and natural.

3. Don't just show your face

Not all photos have to be a close-up of your face. A profile picture or a picture including your hands is just as important for your CV picture as a full body picture. By showing your profile or hands, you not only break the monotony of the photo, but you also show another side of yourself.

4. Try different poses

In addition to showing different sides of yourself, you can also try different poses. Instead of sitting up straight in a chair, test different point of view in front of the mirror to find the one that will show you off the most. Do what feels most natural and relaxed.

5. Create a professional resume picture with the right tools

When taking a photo for your resume, you need the right tools to make sure you look stunning. Whether you use a DSLR camera or a smartphone, there are some rules that must be fulfilled to create a high-quality photo:

  • If you are using a smartphone, make sure the camera application is set to the highest resolution.
  • Also, if possible, use a tripod or place the phone on a flat surface to ensure that the picture is as straight and clear as possible.
  • If you are using a digital SLR camera, make sure you are using a remote shutter and that the camera is set to the highest resolution.

6. Use photo editing applications

There are many photo editing applications available for retouching and removing imperfections, so don't be afraid to experiment and find your own. Use Adobe Photoshop Express, GIMP, Paint.NET. You can also use online websites to remove defects. 

We recommend using the Depositphotos website to remove the background of an online image quickly and without loss of quality.

7. Add some colour with a background

Adding a colourful and interesting background can really set your CV photo apart from others, and is a great way to show your personality while keeping the focus on your face. Make sure you add a background that matches your field of work. For example, if you are applying for a job in the arts, use a painting or other artwork. If you are applying for a job in the business world, avoid paintings and opt for a nature scene, for example.


The hiring process is often a long one, and the first step is to apply to offers. To get a job, you need to have a great resume, and that includes a great photo. Make sure you create a professional one with the right tools and take the opportunity to show your personality! ☺

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