Should I stay or should I go? How to know if you are ready to quit your current job

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Published on 21/05/2021, by Marion Peter

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To stay in the same company, or quit and leave everything behind? That is the question! A decision that is not easy to make, as it implies many changes: to leave your current job and to take the risk of starting a whole new life. Sometimes, it also means you have to start from zero, and find a new routine, meet new colleagues and acquire new experiences.

If you made it this far, you've probably felt concerned... And that's okay, because we're here to help you.

Ask yourself the right questions

You are currently in a period of your life where you need change, renewal, and the question has came up: Should I stay in my job or take the plunge?

Here are the different things you need to consider:

  • Don't worry: Throughout your life, your desires change and your outlook on life is no longer the same. The job you had at 16 is very different from the one you aspire to at 45. And that is normal. It is important to choose a job that suits you, a company that is in line with your current vision and your current needs. It is normal to feel anxious when you decide to make a change in your life. You are not the first person to have asked yourself this question and you will certainly not be the last. Some people choose to stay in a stable and secure work environment, while others cannot imagine themselves working in the same company for several years in a row.
  • First of all, think about it: There is no point in changing company or work environment if you have not asked yourself the right questions beforehand. It is important to know what motivated you in the past and what no longer motivates you today: the team, the management, the fatigue due to public transport, the tasks you perform, the lack of human contact or the lack of movement. Is it the work itself or rather the environment that bothers you? Keeping the same job for several years can have many advantages, especially the opportunity to prove your worth and to evolve within the company. You acquire some skills and a certain expertise in completing your tasks. Before making any decisions, consider these two options:
  • Changing careers while staying in the same company, or
  • Doing the same job but in a different company?
  • Then make a plan: Don't leave in a hurry. Before you leave everything overnight, you need to know that you can do a skills assessment. You can also ask the opinion of your network, your family and your friends. Many of them have already experienced the same problem. And who knows, maybe a friend of your father-in-law's sister's colleague is recruiting in a field you might like?

Tips: Feel free to write down your feelings, to make a list that highlights the things you like about your current job, what you would like to see in another company and what you aspire to do today.

What if it is not so much my job that I want to change?

The importance of getting out of the 'work' frame: when you get used to your routine, things can quickly become redundant. What if the solution was simply to separate your professional life from your personal life? Join a new sport club, join an association that supports a cause that you care about. Do you like hiking? Set yourself new goals, perhaps this will help you not to be focused on work only.

I feel ready to leave my company

If, after considering the question, you have come to the conclusion that you must leave your workplace, you should go ahead and assume your choice: there is no point in worrying and asking yourself 100 more questions!

During your next interviews, be transparent with your future employer. Don't be afraid to explain the reasons why you left your previous job: you want to take on new duties, you lack recognition despite your investment… but also to share your new projects, what you can bring to the company etc.

Find as much information about the job as you can and make a list of questions before the interview so that you don't forget them on the big day. Ask more questions about the missions, the environment. Perhaps you could meet some people who already work for the company?


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currently in a high ranked job, I have been called by a headhunter for a new position. To be honest, it is a really interesting offer, and I am about to accept the offer. Do you have any tipps in how to do it as smoothly as possible?

Thank you in advance.


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