10 tips to re-focus on your job search in September

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Published on 05/09/2022, by Florane Giolat

Finding a job or an internship has become a full-time commitment in some industries where the market is becoming even more competitive for talent. Haven't applied for a job in a while? A little update is needed! Here are 10 essential tips for finding a job this fall.

Rule number 1: Get organized

Over the course of the year, you're going to experience a lot of deadlines: perhaps the end of your contract, the submission of your thesis, your biggest project ever or even your tax return (better not forget about this one 😉 ). So, consider setting up a schedule for the upcoming academic year including the deadlines of your most important tasks. There are several ways to achieve it: an Excel spreadsheet, a Google calendar, a Notion account or just a sheet of paper and a pen!

Choose the right timing

In some sectors, there are better times to apply than others; for instance, in the audit industry, recruitment sessions are usually held in September and January instead of other times. Therefore, be sure to inform yourself in advance by consulting job boards and the career sections of the companies' websites you are interested in. Some companies will give more details on what they expect from applicants and their recruitment periods. For others, you'll have to keep an eye out for new offers.

Stay aware of offered positions

Do not forget to add the following to your to-do list: take a look at the offers online, every day. Keeping an eye on the job offers will allow you to anticipate deadlines and apply with a perfect file! If this sounds like too much work, remember that Moovijob proposes "Job Alerts" to notify you every day (or every week) about new available jobs. Go to the Jobs section on Moovijob.com, do your search and click on "Create an alert".

After that, take a look at the missions listed for your job, the most sought-after skills or the benefits offered. You can then establish trends to determine whether your profile meets the needs of recruiters. Then, you will know what qualities to put forward in your CV and in your motivation message when you apply for a job.

The CV

Updating your CV will help you understand yourself, your needs and your aspirations. Think about styling your resume according to the sectors or the position you are targeting. Luckily, we have an article that can help you create the perfect resume. If you had to remember just one tip, it's the following: always add the job title you're looking for at the top of your resume and adapt it to each position you apply for. (Well okay, that's 2 tips ☺️)

Social Media

If you use them and if it is relevant, consider mentioning your social networks on your resume. This also helps to reassure recruiters. First and foremost, remove or delete any personal content that you wouldn't want your future employer to see. By doing a simple Google search with your first and last name, you can already assess your digital footprint by looking at the first few search pages and take action. We recommend including your LinkedIn profile which is the most professional social network, but based on your job it may be wise to also include your Twitter, Instagram or even TikTok account if you are looking for a Community Manager position for example, or if you are particularly active on one of them.

The company

In Luxembourg, there are rankings of great places to work. Less official, social networks allow you to gather information about your future boss, colleagues and even clients. Type a keyword related to the company name and you will discover a lot. For example: the name of the company + the name of the CEO, you will then discover what are the current projects, the dress code or the latest news. The location of the company can also affect your lifestyle, so be sure to check Google Maps before you rush off to work each morning. Another trick is to search for the name of the company in the "News" section of Google, you will then find out if your future employer has recently been mentioned in the press, for positive or negative reasons.

Job boards or recruitment websites

In addition to career sites, some companies use external service providers to post their ads. Therefore, consider consulting several job boards and keep an updated file where you list the resume and cover letter you sent to a recruiter and the answers you received. Tip: by creating an account on Moovijob, you can easily access the history of all your applications.

Job fairs and afterworks

Internet, emails, social networks and URL links are good, but IRL (In real life) is even better! Nothing is better than recruiting nights and fairs. There are a great opportunities to meet directly the person who might recruit you. By making an impression in person, chances are you'll get your CV at the top of the pile!

The interview

By phone, Skype or face to face, no stress, the secret is to know your strengths for the position. Being prepared, knowing a little about the company, the interviewer, and even the latest news in the sector will always enrich the conversation and allow you to express your interest in the job. Don't hesitate to check your network to see if you have mutual connections, or friends who work in the area. We may not think about it, but perhaps there is someone around us who can answer our questions.

Follow up

Behaving respectfully with the HR manager also means convincing the person who will defend your case in front of your future N+1. After an interview, it is recommended to send a thank you message to the person who interviewed you. You might send additional information to support your application. By following up, you show that you remain available and that you are committed to the job. Be careful not to overdo it.

Good luck in your efforts! 🌞

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