How to decline a job offer without getting blacklisted?

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Published on 09/01/2023, by Maëlle Pinto


The salary doesn't suit you, the company is too far from your home, or you flipped a coin to choose between two offers... Whatever your reason, you may have to decline a job offer, sometimes even reluctantly.

Would you like to know how to decline an offer without ruining your chances of being hired later in the company? Then this article is for you!


You have gone through several job interviews and your profile has been selected by one or more companies. Whether by default or choice, you find yourself needing to decline an offer from one or more of them. This situation is always delicate, especially if this decision is made reluctantly and the company still interests you.

The goal is now to decline this position cordially in order not to close the door in the case of potential future employment. The final objective is to end up in the company's talent pool, that is, the list of "interesting profiles" that a company builds up as it goes through its recruitment processes. This way, if you ever want to try your luck with the company again, your profile will have a considerable advantage since it will already be known to the company.

Content of the refusal response

First, we recommend taking the time to think about your proposals before making any decisions. Therefore, before declining an offer, consider all the aspects that may be important to you. Weigh the pros and cons. This decision can have a real impact on your professional career and your private life.

Unlike many companies and their rather generic and impersonal rejection emails, we recommend thinking about a more personalized response based on your situation. Transparency is always very appreciated in the professional world and if you clearly justify your choice, this refusal will not have an impact on a potential application in the future. Especially if you had a good contact with the company during the job interview.

The key words are: clear, transparent, concise, and cordial.

Your refusal message should contain these information:

  • Introduction to remind the subject (the job offer)
  • Thank you for the time given and the consideration of your application
  • Announcement of refusal of the position with a clear and specific reason
  • Expression of interest in the company and the position
  • Mention of potential collaboration in the future

Example of refusal


Hello Mrs./Mr. (Last name),

I am writing to you regarding your offer for the (Position title).

I would like to thank you again for the attention you have given to my application and for the time you have given me. After careful consideration, I have decided to accept a position within another company where the missions are more in line with my skills and professional goals.

It was a real pleasure to discover (Company name) and learn more about its vision and history. I hope to hear from you in the future and remain open to potential future collaboration within your company. Do not hesitate to contact me if a position arises in the field of (your skills).

Looking forward to hearing from you again and remaining at your disposal.


Personal signature


This is just an example. We recommend adapting it to your situation. Do not hesitate to modify sentences or words if it seems relevant and more coherent to you.

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