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Published on 12/10/2022, by Florane Giolat

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Love, yes, but also in your job! The new local communication campaign launched by your Luxembourg job board, entitled "I love my job", aims to bring a positive and inspiring message to Luxembourg's streets, while highlighting the number of job offers published on its site. 

Currently leading the market in local job boards, the brand intends to spread the word: "5000 jobs in Luxembourg, find the one you deserve." Message passed.

See "la vie en rose" with the jobboard

Founded in 2007, Moovijob's mission has always been to enable companies and talents to meet. Thanks to, job and internship seekers can freely consult the ads and apply online very easily. 

A new strategy focused on the job board

While the company has already made a name as a recruitment event organizer, with fairs and evenings attended by hundreds of companies and thousands of visitors just in 2022, the local structure of 15 employees has no intention to stop there.

Indeed, the job board has also seen its number of job offers skyrocket since the redesign of its site in late 2020. From 2,000 ads in 2020, there are now nearly 6,000 offers published on average in 2022. 

The increase also speaks to the country's challenges in attracting and retaining talent:

"Today, is the last remaining pure local job board in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We do not belong to any global group and we are committed to defending this proximity and knowledge of the Luxembourg market. We keep on finding solutions, where others prefer to talk about problems" explains Yannick FRANK, Director Luxembourg.

The importance of a positive message in recruitment 

How many people can really claim to love their job today? For Bertrand CUINET, CEO of Moovijob, it is important that everyone finds happiness in their work: 

"In a world where negativity is too often highlighted, especially in recruitment (talent shortage, wave of resignations, demotivation, burn-out...), we wanted to spread a positive message: the importance of finding a job in which you feel good. We immediately had the idea of spreading love in Luxembourg. It also fits totally with the image of the Moovijob team: fun, offbeat, friendly, but always available and responsive to the needs of our customers and users. Because, in our opinion, you can be professional without taking yourself too seriously 😊."

More than 5000 job offers are currently online on the website (Employment section), all professions and all sectors of activity are represented, from junior to senior positions. Training offers as well as career advice and a discussion forum can also be found on the site to make the most of your career in Luxembourg. 

As for companies, love is definitely on the rise, and they don't hesitate to make it known! Discover their reviews on the recruitment platform in the Recruiters space

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