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Published on 15/02/2022, by Marion Peter

Everyone knows that you don't build a successful career in one day. The process takes time and can be tedious. The year 2021 has challenged the traditional standards, and your employees are more than ever looking for a job they would enjoy and thrive in.

So if you feel that one of your employees is demotivated and is dragging their feet in the morning, it may be the perfect time to arrange a meeting with him/her. It may seem unnecessary to you (we won't tell anyone) but it can be really useful. 😉

Recognition in the workplace

In the professional environment and during meetings with an employee, there is often a tendency to highlight the points that are not working and to point out potential for improvement.

Logical, you would say, as this is how a company evolves and becomes sustainable over time. What would be the point of holding meetings if they were simply organized to congratulate employees on their latest actions and encourage them? (what a waste of time!)

We are not used to this kind of meeting.

What if you changed the game?

The need for recognition at work is a fundamental, essential and motivating element. You would be surprised at the positive impact on your team if they were more valued.

Remember: when you hired your current employees, you gave them the opportunity to change their career by offering them the chance to join your company. You recruited them for their skills, but also because you believed in them at this time.

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Recognition comes first and foremost through speech, but not only. Other aspects are also important. Let's find out together which ones.

1- The power of words

How can you express satisfaction more clearly through your words?

It may seem obvious, but the words you use have a real impact on an employee's work. Small details also count in everyday life, and this includes gratitude, encouragement and congratulations.

Let's take an example: You received an email from your colleague informing you that he has signed a contract with a new client. Instead of filing it directly in your "processed emails" section, you could answer by a short message like: "Great news!", "Congratulations, it took us 5 years to convince him to join us... 😉".

It doesn't seem like much to you. Nevertheless, these words are really beneficial. Also, think about this: even behind your screen, you have managed to make your colleague smile (and that is a real power).

2- The importance of actions

They come with your words and are a concrete proof of what you can offer your collaborator. Showing recognition also means showing that you trust them, that they are important to your company and that they are not here by chance.

You can, for example, give them responsibilities and delegate an important task to them. Of course, make sure beforehand that they are capable of doing this and that they have all necessary information to carry it out. Even better, if you can, make sure that they receive a specific training that could help them improving their skills.

This new challenge is the perfect opportunity for them to progress and evolve. Whether they are a young talent, a temporary worker or have been working for the company for several years, considering the needs of your employees will ensure that they have the motivation to continue on the right path.

3- The value of rewards

The financial aspect is certainly a motivating factor for an employee, but there are other ways to reward your team, by reinforcing cohesion and self-improvement for example. These benefits, or "rewards" have a significant importance and can take place outside the office: going to a restaurant, organizing company parties, offering goodies, etc., or even organizing an event such as a "team building" is an effective way to improve bonds between coworkers.

Throughout the year, these gestures help your team to maintain the balance between work and personal life.

Your team feels valued, becomes aware of its importance, of what it brings to your company and will give its best.

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