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Published on 11/04/2024, by Estelle Fernandez

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In the current job market, where it's sometimes important to stand out from the crowd, putting forward an original application can make the difference between a recruiter overlooking your candidature or fully immersing themselves in it. Today, recruitment processes in popular fields can be arduous and extremely competitive; a step many people struggle to take without the help of a very common practice - nepotism. Therefore, it's imperative to stand out throughout these processes. Fortunately, there are countless ways to bring creativity and attention to your job applications.


How to make the difference: creativity first


First and foremost, it’s important to follow certain essential rules to create a striking and meticulous CV. In addition, rather than simply listing your qualifications and experience, consider how you can present them in a way that captivates the reader's attention. Use unique formatting, compelling language and impactful achievements to differentiate yourself from other candidates. All too often, companies receive undeveloped CVs that simply list a few achievements and experiences on an unformatted Word document. This approach won't make recruiters interested in you or keep your application. A study by StandoutCV found that, on average, recruiters look at a CV for 6 to 8 seconds to decide whether a candidate is relevant.

Think aesthetics! It's a good idea to create a design in the colours of the company you're applying to. A visit to the company's website will enable you to identify the corporate identity and style guide at a glance!

In addition, consider supplementing your application with more specific and less traditional elements, such as a portfolio showcasing your work samples, a video presentation highlighting your personality and passion for the job, or a creative project demonstrating your problem-solving skills, for example. These additional documents can give a more complete picture of your abilities and leave a good impression on the recruiter.

If you don't know how to go about it, the company's social networks are often good tools for capturing the company's atmosphere and working environment. You'll then know what tone to adopt and what type of content to propose.

So, video? Portfolio? Humor? Anecdote?

Bruno Simon's CV: a perfect blend of professionalism and creativity

Here's a striking example of a CV for a Creative Developer position. The candidate surprises us as soon as we arrive on his website with a playful animated platform that allows us to quickly understand his skills in development and takes us on a journey into his world to discover his various experiences, projects, training courses... From this CV emerges a passion for the profession, the desire to highlight his qualifications, to offer a document 100% personalized and finally to catch attention. A great CV, that any recruiter will keep in mind for a long time to come!


From cover letter to job application... there's only one step (almost)!

The cover letter is another aspect of the process that should not be neglected! An overly generic document that could be applied to any job offer often fails to make a lasting impression on recruiters. Additionally, it's essential to stress that when faced with a candidate who presents a cover letter, the absence of one can seriously compromise your chances of standing out from the crowd. Take the time to research and adapt your cover letter to the position and the company. Here again, you can reuse the company's colours- small details often make all the difference!

Whether on paper, video, website or other media, remember to highlight how your skills and experiences match the company's values, mission and objectives. Add specific examples or anecdotes that demonstrate your understanding of the company's challenges and how you can contribute to its success. By showing interest and enthusiasm, you can create a compelling document that will set you apart from other candidates and increase your chances of securing an interview. This approach allows the recruiter to visualise the candidate evolving within the company, which is an additional asset, and puts you at the top of their recruitment process.

For an even more original application, you can also opt for the 2-in-1 format, a CV and cover letter in a single document. This format is best suited to video applications, but be careful not to spread yourself too thin: prepare each stage of your video carefully, as well as its aesthetics, for an entertaining, professional and clear viewing experience!

Romane Poussin's video presentation, a clear and entertaining message

in a format well known and appreciated by all


And for something a little more offbeat, you can also try your hand at candor - within reason – make it subtle (or not), but always with respect for the recruiter. Nonetheless, be careful with this type of application: your motivations for the job must be well-founded, and you must be ready to ensure that your next interview with the recruiter is impeccable, smart and well thought-out:



For a totally insipid cover letter full of clichés that I'm supposed to write for the sole reason that you're supposed to want to hear them: Type 1

For a cover letter pumped from Google via some free semi-custom Word templates that I wouldn't have bothered to read myself: Type 2

For a cover letter fully generated in 0.27 seconds with ChatGPT, like 95% of the cover letters currently on your desk: Type 3

To really get to know my profile and motivations: Type +33.XX.XX.XX and start a conversation. You'll see that we'll learn more about each other in 3 minutes of discussion than in 3 pages of hypocritical platitudes.

- Fabien XXXX”


In conclusion, the Mooviteam recommends that you demonstrate creativity, innovation and determination throughout your application. By writing a powerful CV, complementing it with specific elements such as a portfolio, an introductory video and highlighting your creativity, you can considerably increase your chances of capturing the recruiter's attention and landing the job of your dreams.

However, it's important to note that in some fields, creative input may be limited or even inappropriate. It's always a good idea to find out beforehand, so you can create a document that's adapted to the different codes of the sector and the company.

Finally, don't forget that in certain fields, such as communications or HR, it's not enough to meet the requirements - you have to stand out from the crowd and show why YOU are the best person for the job!


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